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Effective Communication

As simple as communication seems, much of what we try to communicate–and others try to communicate to us–gets misunderstood, which can cause conflict and frustration in personal and professional relationships. By learning these effective communication skills, you can better connect

How to Introduce Your New Guy to Your Old Friends

And while it can be awesome to introduce your current guy to your old life for the first time, it can also bring up some seriously awkward moments—like, say, when he meets the ex who broke your teenage younger self’s heart. But with a little planning, it’s easy for both of you to

Increase child’s concentration and memory?

The brain requires adequate energy to function well and this can be provided with good nourishment through good food intake and regular physical activity. When your child is involved in strenuous mental activities such as exam preparations, planning for extra curricular activities, then

13 Ayurvedic Anti-Aging Herbs

Amla(Emblica Officinalis): Amla is the best Rasayana as mentioned in the  Charaka samhita. Amla is the magical herbs with the rich in Vitamin C. It is believed to have good rejuvenating power. The fruits of Amla  is used to make the Chyawanprash (Herbal tonic) and best Rasayana. So

How to Enjoy Your Freedom in a Relationship

But have you ever wondered what it takes to be free in a relationship? Many of us back out of long-term relationships and even marriage due to fear of losing our freedom and identity. However, the thumb rule is to abide by a few guidelines to avoid those clashes that may arise due to

5 ways to save your smartphone's mobile data

Disable unnecessary push notifications Push notifications can lead to higher data use, especially if you use a lot of interactive apps such as social network clients and messaging services. A number of apps also push promotional content that is not relevant to you. Modern Android devices

Health benefits of canola oil

Canola oil is extracted from the seeds of the canola plant. It has good nutritional value, a light texture and a neutral taste. Canola oil’s mild flavour does not overwhelm the taste of other ingredients and can be used for both sauting and baking, read a statement. Its high heat

1 in 4 Americans Confess They Never Exercise

Official guidelines recommend that adults get a minimum of 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of activity a week but advise 300 minutes (5 hours) weekly for optimal health. In addition, the CDC says adults should be doing some type of strength training two days a week.  Colorado was the most

Harmless secrets women hide from husbands

Though, some have the potential of a deeper impact. Here's a cheat sheet of so-called mistruths that women are most likely to tell their husbands... Q DISLIKE TOWARDS SOME OF HIS FRIENDS OR FAMILY MEMBERS -THEY ARE SO COOL! With the advent of nuclear family culture, it is

Olive oil, a healthier option for deep-frying

The researchers deep- and pan-fried raw potato pieces in four different refined oils – olive, corn, soybean and sunflower – and reused the oil 10 times. They found that olive oil was the most stable oil for deep-frying at 320 and 374 degrees Fahrenheit, while sunflower oil degraded

Beat the heat, naturally

Aloe vera: A popular and effective ingredient to remove that horrid sun tan during summer is aloe vera. There are many Aloevera benefits from health to nutrition, from acne treatment to skin care. It is widely grown as an ornamental plant; however it is equally popular as medicinal plant

Kava plant holds promise against anxiety

In an eight-week Australian study, 75 patients with clinically diagnosed generalised anxiety disorders (GAD) were given kava or a placebo. Results published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology showed a significant reduction in anxiety for the kava group compared with the

How to repair sunken eyes

    What causes eyes to appear hollow Hollow eyes run in families and are caused by a combination of deficient fat in the under eye areas and pigmentation. These do not go away without intervention. Says cosmetic surgeon Dr Vinod Vij, Faulty food habits, prolonged fasting and

Illuminated Skin

This week’s beauty tip is on ‘Illuminated Skin’. Take your makeup box and try…concealer, the trick to achieving actress Kim Kardashian’s illuminated skin is to reverse the formula. We love how her complexion has no hint of dark undereye circles, but the concealed area

How To Know If A Guy Likes You? 

Well in the first place, why bother and if you do anyway, then be tactful in your approach. Understanding a guy is not a Rubik’s cube puzzle, just hold on to the right string and analyse the moves to derive the message. Guys can never hide their feelings as they lack the tact of

Makeup on acne

However, the right product can, not just camouflage your acne marks but also lend an elusive iridescence to your skin. Dr Sama Rais, consultant dermatologist and cosmetologist says that if one is suffering from mild acne one must preferably apply light makeup like a daily-wear

It’s cool to be a working mother

Says, working mother of a five-year old boy, Moumita Das, "I was repeatedly cautioned by my friends, family and well-wishers to drop the idea of working after I delivered my son. But then, I had to because I help my husband support our family financially. While there is always that

What's wrong with men cooking?

No, we are not talking about the super chefs at star hotels, we're talking the guy-next-door; the white-collar worker, and the corporate types, who suddenly seem to have gotten very comfortable in the kitchen. Scan through the names registered for cookery workshops across the state

5 things women notice about men on first date

you reached bang on time to pick her up and have dressed to impress. But there are certain things that a woman notices on your first date and makes an impression about you.  From your body language to the way to treat the staff of the restaurant to even your nails, your girl is taking

Get perfect beach holiday skin

Jill Zander, founder of the Jill Zander Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, shares tips to keep skin looking beautiful in the summer sun and beyond, reports Sun protection: Use a sunblock daily. Always include your neck, decollete and backs of hands and reapply frequently.