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Fried food 'fine for heart' if cooked with olive oil

They found no heightened risk of heart disease or premature death linked to food that had been cooked in this way. But the investigators stress that their findings, from studying the typical Spanish diet in which these "healthy" oils are found in abundance, do not apply to lard or

10 Simple Ways to Get Happy

We’re not suggesting that you can reach a permanent state called “happiness” and remain there. But there are many ways to swerve off the path of anxiety, anger, frustration, and sadness into a state of happiness once or even several times throughout the day. Here are 10 ideas to get

Face more important than body for women?

The research, conducted by Astral Original, has highlighted that many women feel they have focussed too little on their body and only used creams on their face, reports The study shows that a quarter of women believed that their body was ageing faster than it should

The Fruit That Really Does Keep the Doctor Away

One of the latest discoveries is that eating at least 2 servings a week of whole fruit—particularly apples, blueberries, or grapes—trims risk for type 2 diabetes by up to 23 percent, compared to people who eat less than one serving per month, according to new data from three

Your Husband No Longer Loves You

The only time when some couples really enjoy their married lives is during honeymoon. Soon after they get into the nitty gritty of a married life, some couples face a lot of challenges that threaten to throw them apart. Life is often very stressful, and this easily affects emotions.

Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Exercise helps the heart use oxygen more efficiently, so it doesn’t work as hard to pump blood. Get a vigorous cardio workout of at least 30 minutes on most days of the week. Try increasing speed or distance so you keep challenging your ticker. 2. Breathe deeply Slow breathing and

Health and wealth found to be strongly connected

The group examined Americans’ Google search patterns and discovered that during the recent Great Recession, people searched considerably more frequently for information about health ailments. The kinds of problems indicated by the queries weren’t life threatening, but they could

The Internet Is a Safer Place for Your Teen Than You Think

Based on a decade of research and interviews with adolescents from the suburbs to the inner city, It’s Complicated is a persuasive anti-alarmist polemic that should help ease parents’ concerns about all sorts of Internet bogeymen. “There’s a large part of me that wants everyone

Are You Wearing Cheap Sunglasses?

Are You Wearing Cheap Sunglasses After This, You Will Never Do That Again! Specifically, this mother of two has just had cancer because she was wearing cheap sunglasses and doctors had to remove her right eye! She believes that she got skin cancer while she was on vacation when she

The Absolute Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Instead, my focus is on reaching for delicious foods that naturally help you manage weight; choices that boost satiety, rev up metabolism, build calorie-burning muscle, or provide key nutrients involved with weight control. High up on that list of naturally slimming foods is produce.

7 best foods for your heart

Walnuts: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, Vitamin E, and folate, eating unsalted walnuts regularly can go a long way in protecting your heart. Like walnuts, almonds too are a good source of nutrients for your heart. Spinach: Leafy veggies, particularly spinach, provide iron, vitamin

8 bad brushing habits that harm your teeth

Turns out, there are a host of common mistakes that many of us make morning and night that can damage teeth and turn a healthy smile upside-down. Find out what you’re doing wrong — and how to break these bad habits for better teeth.   You don’t brush for long enough Most people

Five ways you’re damaging your hair

Capital-based dermatologist and hair expert Sonia Mangal shares how  Use of straighteners People tend to directly put the straightener on their hair to make it look straight, but it damages your hair and makes them dry, rough and frizzy.  Over-brushing of hair It can also lead to

Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Naturally

Often considered as a frustrating esthetic problem, almost every woman on Earth wants to get rid of her stretch marks and have a smooth, healthy looking skin. Some people claim that the damage caused by stretch marks is irreversible, but studies have shown that there are many natural ways

Healthily & Stay Fit by Walking

Walking not only gets us from point A to point B, but it's also free and easy exercise without limitations — and a brisk pace can strengthen muscles, prevent disease and enhance wellness. We walk to the store from our car with a baby on our hip. We walk to our office building

4 Makeup Products for Your Morning Routine

A good morning beauty regimen can be the difference between wanting to just avoid the mirror after a long day and barely needing a touch-up for after-work drinks. Here are four products you need when applying makeup in the morning and where you can find them. Four Most Important

Childhood obesity ‘a ticking time bomb’

According to experts, childhood obesity builds a ticking time bomb of sickness in later life – and action to avert ill health should start before the kids attain school going age, the Daily Express reported. Researchers at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada, studied the

Tackle a sudden breakout

Stress, inadequate sleep, bingeing on greasy food, clogged pores, blackheads, sebaceous filaments are some of the common reasons that cause breakouts. Here are a few ways to tackle a sudden breakout: Keep your skin oil-free and wash it at least twice a day even after a breakout. You

4 facial care tips for men

They are exposed to pollution, car exhaust, cigarette smoke and other pollutants on a daily basis, which damage the skin. Also, men tend to have oilier and thicker skin than women. They need to use a good facial cleanser that works on all kinds of skin. EXFOLIATE DAILY Removing dead

3 Effective Massages For Weight Loss

They help you get rid of stress and rejuvenate you from head to toe at the same time. If you are suffering from some kind of injury, you can always expect a good massage to rescue yourself from all the pain and anxiety. But, the question here is, what kind of massage should you get to