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Ways to smoothen your dry hair

Here are simple, effective home remedies you can carry out right now to get your hair glossy, shiny and radiating with health. Just raid your kitchen cupboard, fruit bowl, drinks and medicine cabinet to save yourself from looking like a scarecrow. TROPICAL TREATMENT Don't overload

6 tricks for luscious lips

- Before you begin, ensure your lips are clean so that the colours don't appear flaky. Moisturise your lips and then apply colour to the middle of the bottom lip, going towards the corners. Then press your lips together to transfer colour to the upper lip. Blot using some tissue.

Stress Causes and Symptoms

However, no matter how prevalent the problem, the idea is to broaden your knowledge about the concept so that you know what leads to it and about the onset if you are facing it. Causes of stress The guide below is a professional health list that gives you the top notch and the most

Are you a high-maintenance man?

According to a British study, 1 in 5 women say their partner is high-maintenance and difficult to please! These men spend long hours on their looks and like to have their hair immaculately styled all the time. You know you are a high-maintenance man if... You take longer to get ready

Banish that body odour

genetics, health, diet, medication etc. It varies from person to person and is unique to each individual, which is why sniffer dogs are used to track down a person involved in a crime. Common causes for body odour • Ill health and lack of hygiene can cause body odour. • When

Tips for a successful blind date

Before you hit the panic button, we come to your rescue. Follow these simple steps and you will come out a winner: 1. When your date is a stranger, it's always important to make the outing at a public place. You never know what kind of person they'll be. Give priority to

Stylish Design of the 40

The retro clothes and accessories have been involved in countless parades and important collections of couturiers and designers, who have managed to completely reinvent and update each of these iconic garments and accessories. You know what two trends need to get this amazing look? A

5 ways to make happiness a habit

Smile at and love yourself l Do this exercise every morning — motivational author and healer Louise Hay recommends looking at the mirror with a smile and saying 'I love you (your name)'. She states that for most people this is a very difficult thing to do because neither can

key to looking young

The study, carried out on lab mice, suggest that constant worrying affects melanocyte stem cells, which produce the melanin pigment that is responsible for the colour of hair and skin, the Daily Express reported. The examination explains that when the skin is damaged, these cells

Find out what your eye colour says about you

Grey eyes Largely believed to be least aggressive, they are gentle and wise. Sensitivity is their inner strength and they are often believed to be 'thinkers' rather than 'doers'. They possess a style of analytical thinking and are rational and clear in their thoughts.

Red is no longer most preferred for weddings

Soha Ali Khan The first celebrity wedding of the year saw actress Soha Ali Khan tie the knot with long-time boyfriend, Kunal Kemmu. While the event was a private affair, the wedding wear was definitely not. The demure bride looked every bit the royal that she is in a orange and cream

Working mums spend more time on childcare

The study of 182 dual-earner couples found that the mothers' additional parenting burden started early, when their first child was less than a year old. The research showed when their children were 9 months old, mothers spent nearly 70 per cent of their time on an average workday

Why people love to walk

Known for its health benefits, the concept of nature walk, especially during weekends, has caught up the imagination of city's fitness enthusiasts. With many natural hotspots in the city's outskirts like the Nal Sarovar, Thol Lake and the Punit Van in Gandhinagar giving enough

Dressing tips to Look Slimmer

Even a fit person can look bulky if she doesn’t dress right. Of course, the basic thing to remember while dressing up to look slimmer is to choose correct lingerie. A correct fitting brassiere and body shapers will make you look fabulous in most outfits. So here are ways by which you

How to deal with a negative co-worker

No matter where the negativity stems from, the power to resist and move above all the petty hostility lies solely in your hands. Here are a few ways you can address the issue and keep yourself safe from the pessimism, apart from harmonising the environment for yourself and others.

Light & fresh: Body mists

If you're among those who love light, subtly scented skin, body mist is your go-to product. Body mists are light, airy and have a fresh appeal about them. Most mists contain a low concentration of essential oils or are not concentrated at all and have a higher percentage of alcohol

Yasmin’s Fitness Studio of Katrina-Alia now in Dhaka

DHAKA: Bollywood Doll Katrina Kaif or Sweet Girl Alia Bhat of Mumbai is very much popular for their acting as well attractive body formation. However their fatless slim bodies were not formed in one day. The formation of their attractive bodies required the talent, labor, devotion,

Beauty expert Farnaz Alam on Banglanews Facebook Live

DHAKA: Lifestyle section of the leading online news portal Banglanews streamed a live video at its Facebook page for providing direct beauty solutions to its readers Wednesday (August 23). Farnaz Alam, a beauty expert from Dhaka also director of Women’s World was present in the video

Foods for healthy hair and scalp

  Every individual craves for healthy and better looking hair, luscious locks, that won't diminish with age. Hence, be careful of what you eat, as the nutrients you consume are essential to fortify follicles, each strand of your hair and your scalp. Today, Priya Kathpal -

That Aren't Actually Food!

Peanut-flavored sugar oil doesn’t have quite the same ring, but it’s far more accurate a name than your average peanut butter. What shouldn’t contain added sugar typically has at least two types, plus partially hydrogenated oil (code for trans fat). What should be on the ingredients

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