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Is UK fashion suffering from Brexiety?

September is a big month in the fashion calendar, with fashion weeks happening in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Each city hosts a series of events over five days where top designers show off their new collections. Last week was London's turn. Think lots of "out there" outfits,

Tackle heart failure with healthy lifestyle & medicines

DHAKA: When B Jitendra Bhat, a banker, suddenly felt uneasy and started perspiring, he sensed something was amiss. He had just eaten lunch. He started vomiting blood and was unusually breathless.  He was rushed to a private hospital within 15 minutes and his condition improved

Workplace loneliness & ways to overcome

We are living in a landscape of loneliness.  Loneliness is not only bad for our minds: it’s bad for our health, too, with research showing that chronic long-term loneliness can be as bad as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day, and can increase the risk of blood pressure, diabetes and

Benefits of early rising

Being successful means waking up early – or so we’re constantly told.  It makes you more productive. Celebrities and CEOs do it. You’ll be healthier and happier. You’ll feel in control of your life. But despite the deluge of such stories, waking up at an ungodly hour isn’t

Vegetarian diet cuts heart disease risk, raises stroke risk

DHAKA: Vegetarians have a lower risk of coronary heart disease than meat-eaters but may be at greater risk of having a stroke, researchers from Oxford University have found. The study, however, could not prove whether the results were down to diet or some other aspect of the

Benefits of gardening

DHAKA: Not only can gardening be an effective form of workout, but it can also benefit your mental health too. Spending time outside can help reduce depression, anger and stress.  Furthermore, gardening is good for you as it can help reduce the risk of diseases such as stroke and

Effects of sleep deprivation

Prolonged lack of sleep can disrupt your immune system, so you're less able to fend off bugs. Sleeplessness drains your mental abilities and puts your physical health at real risk. Here are a few factors given below:                                        

Cheese improves quality of life

             Cheese Can Have a Positive Effect on Your Dental Health A study done by dental professionals showed that eating cheese might help to prevent dental cavities. Four groups were tested, consuming milk, sugar-free yogurt, paraffin, and cheese, and the pH balance in

A colorful way to cope with long work hours

At her job as a banker, 35-year-old Lee Ju-hee treasures her small, fairytale-like desk. It’s covered in pink products including a mini humidifier, a mini fan, a small air purifier and a tumbler steriliser. Pink is her favourite colour; she even has a pink keyboard. “I have been

Older adults should intake more protein

DHAKA: Older adults should eat more protein than what is recommended for the general adult population, in order to preserve muscle mass and strength despite ageing. Yet up to one-third of older adults don’t eat an adequate amount due to reduced appetite, dental issues, impaired

Foods for your skin

Get to know 8 top tips on eating your way to glowing skin. What you eat can have a big impact on your skin health. Make sure you're getting enough essential nutrients to protect your skin. The foods on this list are great options to keep your skin healthy, strong and attractive.

Too much salt intake harmful for your health

DHAKA: Too much salt is bad for you, particularly because it is associated with an increased risk of heart problems. If often ingested in large quantities of salt which contains Sodium can lead to a range of cardiovascular problems, including hypertension. In ancient times, salt was

Prolonged sitting to increase risk of early death

DHAKA: Technology lets me—as well as millions of other people—earn a living from the relative comfort of our desks, without having to break a sweat or even stand up. Once the workday is done, we can transition straight from desk to car to couch, taking barely a step in between. The

Intermittent fasting for weight loss: benefits, side effects

DHAKA: Intermittent fasting (IF) is now one of the world's popular health and fitness trends that are producing a fitter generation. IF means cycling through periods of voluntary abstinence of food, interspersed with intervals of normal food intake.  A programme involving

Home remedy to heal kidneys naturally

DHAKA: You should follow some tips to keep your kidneys functioning properly and keep them as healthy as possible at every stage of life. You need to be creating a healthy environment for your kidneys to flush out waste and unwanted toxins to keep your body like a place of worship. 

Art Therapy helps relieve stresses

DHAKA: Art therapy is a form of therapy that encourages creativity and self-expression to reduce stress, improve self-esteem, increase awareness and recover from trauma. Art-based mindfulness activities could reduce headaches, a common side effect of stress on school children, men and

Foods recommended for dengue patients

Dengue fever which is spread by the bite of an Aedes mosquito has rapidly spread in all regions of WHO in recent years. The dengue hemorrhagic fever is widely known as 'break bone fever' as it accompanies with severe joint pains which makes the condition even worse. No

Swimming best for toning and losing weight

DHAKA: When you decide to lose weight, you might have better results with activities you enjoy, like swimming. It is not only an exercise for people of all ages, but it also provides you with the flexibility of going with the pace you are comfortable with. To maximize your weight loss

Use Saffron to fight skin pigmentation

DHAKA: Skin pigmentation on your face can be caused due to a number of things and though it does not necessarily pose a threat to your skin, but over time it looks unsightly.  To get a fairer and a glowing skin, you can use Saffron as it is a wonderful skin nourishing ingredient.

'Drink & Dine' opens in Mirpur

DHAKA: Brand new restaurant Drink & Dine started journey in Mirpur of the capital city, promising the food-lovers guaranteed satisfaction. The restaurant is located on the Commerce College Road-Rainkhola (Mirpur-2) in between the National Cricket Stadium and the National Zoo.  The

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