Wednesday, 04 Oct, 2023


EU seeks to protect sensitive tech from Chinese buyers

Brussels is building a trade armoury to protect the bloc from actions by rival countries, including a tool aimed at punishing nations that seek to put pressure on one of its member states. The European Commission will publish a list of critical technologies it believes Europe must not

FaceRelation: Redefining Social Media with Authentic Connections

FaceRelation is a new social platform allowing its users to share text updates and engage in public conversations which aims to redefine the current monotonous world of social media.  Unlike traditional social media platforms, FaceRelation prioritizes engagement metrics and viral

Meta putting artificial intelligence in smart glasses — Zuckerberg

Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg has said the tech giant is putting artificial intelligence into digital assistants and smart glasses as it seeks to gain lost ground in the AI race. Zuckerberg made his announcements on Wednesday at the Connect developers conference at Meta's headquarters

Spotify will not ban AI-made music, says boss

The boss of Spotify says he has no plans to completely ban content created by artificial intelligence from the music streaming platform. Earlier this year the platform pulled a track featuring AI-cloned voices of the performers Drake and The Weeknd. Daniel Ek told the BBC there were

Nasa confirms return of asteroid Bennu samples

Dusty samples from the "most dangerous known rock in the Solar System" have been brought to Earth. The American space agency Nasa landed the materials in a capsule that came down in the West Desert of Utah state. The samples had been scooped up from the surface of asteroid

Naked AI images of girls shock mothers in Spanish town 

A sleepy town in southern Spain is in shock after it emerged that AI-generated naked images of young local girls had been circulating on social media without their knowledge. The pictures were created using photos of the targeted girls fully clothed, many of them taken from their own

X could go behind paywall, Elon Musk tells Netanyahu

Elon Musk has suggested that all users of X, formerly called Twitter, may have to pay for access to the platform. In a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the billionaire said a payment system was the only way to counter bots. "We're moving to

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max deliveries delayed in sign of demand

Delivery times for the just-unveiled iPhone 15 Pro quickly slipped until November for some configurations, suggesting that demand is strong for the high-end versions of Apple’s new lineup. Four iPhone 15 models became available for preorder on Friday in more than 40 countries,

2 Russians, US astronauts dock at Int’l Space Station

Two Russian cosmonauts and an astronaut from the United States have docked with the International Space Station (ISS) after blasting off from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan amid raging tensions between Moscow and Washington over the invasion of Ukraine. Russia’s Roscosmos

WhatsApp denies report platform is exploring ads

Whats­App’s top head on Friday denied a Financial Times report that said the Meta Platforms-owned messaging platform was exploring advertisements as it sought to boost revenue. The app is seen by some analysts as an untapped growth opportunity, even years after Meta purchased

US Republicans demand full sanctions, charges against China’s Huawei, SMIC

Republican lawmakers in the United States have called for tougher sanctions against China’s Huawei and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) after the companies were able to develop an advanced smartphone despite US export controls.  The 10 House

Apple, Huawei battle rages on social media

Apple’s iPhone 15 drew mixed reactions in its third largest market of China on Wednesday, with many online users liking its faster chip and improved gaming capabilities while others preferred Huawei’s new smartphone. China remains key for the US tech giant, which unveiled

Arm: UK chip designer to the world in $54bn market return

UK-based chip designer Arm Holdings has secured a $54.5bn (£43.6bn) valuation, as it makes its highly-anticipated return to the stock market. The shares were priced at $51 each, which is at the top of the range that had been indicated to prospective investors. It makes the

Google denies abusing power to dominate online search

Google has dismissed arguments that it is the world's biggest search engine because of illegal practices, saying to switch to another company takes "literally four taps". A lawyer for the company made the remarks in court in Tuesday in Washington DC, where it is facing

Apple forced to ditch lightning charger in new iPhone

Apple has confirmed its new iPhone will not feature its proprietary lightning charging port, after the EU forced the change. The tech giant said that the iPhone 15, unveiled at its annual event on Tuesday, would use a USB-C cable as the "universally accepted standard". A

EBL introduces wearable payment solutions in Bangladesh

Eastern Bank Limited (EBL), in collaboration with Mastercard, today (September 12) unveiled “WEAREBL,” a range of the country’s first revolutionary wearable payment device featuring cutting-edge NFC technology.  Users can Pop, Tap and Pay – all in one

Can new Apple iPhone 15 thunder without lightning?

As I write this there are still several hours before Apple unveils the latest version of its best-selling product, the iPhone. In the last few weeks we've seen the handset come under pressure separately from both the EU and China. Globally, smartphone sales in general are slowing,

Musk says he withheld Starlink over Crimea to avoid escalation

Elon Musk says he refused to give Kyiv access to his Starlink communications network over Crimea to avoid complicity in a "major act of war". Kyiv had sent an emergency request to activate Starlink to Sevastopol, home to a major Russian navy port, he said. His comments

Apple shares slide after China government iPhone ban reports

Shares in Apple have fallen for a second day in a row after reports that Chinese government workers have been banned from using iPhones. The firm's stock market valuation has fallen by more than 6%, or almost $200bn (£160bn), in the last two days. China is the technology

India's solar mission sends 'selfie' on way to Sun

The Indian space agency Isro has shared the first images sent by the country's solar observation mission as it makes its way towards the Sun. Aditya-L1 lifted off on Saturday and is on a journey that will take it 1.5 million km (932,000 miles) from the Earth - 1% of the Earth-Sun