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Molds, rain wetting cause asthma attacks: SWORD research

Moderate to heavy rains during the monsoon season can bring cheers to farmers with bright prospects for the Kharif crop. But it brings misery to those who develop instant symptoms of allergy like bad nose, cough and cold causing breathlessness and constant sneezing. Mold spores, pet

Having children may make you more conservative, study finds

Like grey hairs and unexpected aches, becoming more conservative is often thought to be a by-product of age. But now it appears it may be rooted in a different cause: having children. Researchers have found that people who do not have children tend to be more socially liberal than

Lack of sleep makes people more selfish, study finds

Sleep is widely recognized as one of life's essential processes, providing powerful benefits in physical health, mental health and even mortality. But did you know that sleepless nights can also lead to selfish behavior? Insufficient sleep affects how likely a person is to help

Why more people are working from home on Fridays

When Tamara Siddiqui works from home on a Friday she feels ready for the weekend as soon as she's done. It's no wonder it's the UK's most popular remote working day, with just 13% of staff going into the office, according to a new survey. Some bosses say they have to

How to develop empathy in kids

Empathy is the ability to understand/feel other people’s emotions and empathy helps us form healthy relationships hence, this is one of the skills that need to be developed by parents in their children right from a very young age.  Studies have time and again indicated that

Dogs and cats get wearable fans to beat Japan's scorching summer

A Tokyo clothing maker has teamed up with veterinarians to create a wearable fan for pets, hoping to attract the anxious owners of dogs - or cats - that can't shed their fur coats in Japan's blistering summer weather. The device consists of a battery-operated, 80-gramme (3-ounce)

Six tips to remain cool

It is normal to feel stressed and ready to snap at someone but losing your cool won't fix anything and the way you handle such situations could make or break the sale. Check out these 10 tips to calm down when you're about to lose your cool: Meditation: Meditation is a good

The dark side of being a content creator

A 2019 poll found that children would rather be YouTubers than astronauts. It made headlines and led to plenty of grumbling about “kids these days”. But it’s not surprising that young people – up to 1.3m in the UK – want to make their income by creating

Why people die in a heatwave – and how to stay safe

Heatwaves generally conjure thoughts of lazy afternoons pottering in the garden, lounging by the sea or on the hunt for ice cream. But there’s a darker side to record temperatures: heat kills.  As a scorching hot spell engulfs Europe, the Met Office issued the first ever

Here’s what makes olive the ‘ultimate heart-healthy snack’

As a pizza topping or pickled — olive is relished in many ways, especially as part of Mediterranean cuisine. But did you know that the stone fruit also comes packed with numerous health benefits — from being a good source of antioxidants to being rich in vitamin E? Lovneet

Saudi Arabia investment gives yoga a new twist

Yoga — an ancient art, science and sport combined — is getting a modern twist as Saudi Arabia begins planning specialist academies and training institutes to cater for the growing community of devotees in the Kingdom. As part of the 8th International Yoga Day, the Saudi

Bleeding gums: a ticking bomb

Healthy gums don't bleed, so if you spot blood when you brush or floss, it could be a sign of gum problems. This is a widespread problem in Bangladesh, affecting 29% of adults.  One of the main causes leading to bleeding gums is plaque build-up. Dental plaque is that soft,

Make your Home Monsoon-friendly

Can there be no better place to enjoy the savories other than the comfort of your home? An even better idea is to invite a few friends and have a snack party. To enjoy nature’s bounty to the fullest, you must take care of your crib! Just keep some tips in mind and take a few

Workout tips for men over 40

“One of the biggest myths is that you need to be in your 20s to achieve your dream body,” said Miten Kakaiya, fitness coach and founder of Miten Says Fitness.  However, “the truth is,” he continued, “that there is no such age bar. With the right plan,

4 easy tips for a productive morning

It is not easy create a productive morning routine, but the benefits outweigh the labour and initial discomfort. What you do first thing in the morning, good or bad, sets the mood for the rest of the day. In the end, a productive morning means one stresses less, is more efficient, and has

Enjoying a cup of tea like a royal

While the Bangladeshi culture is obsessed with dipping their biscuits and toasts in 'cha' - milk tea, while relishing their evening snacks and watching their favourite soap opera, the Britons and the royals do it differently. They'd rather enjoy a piece of scone covered in jam

5 foods that help to control hypertension

Hypertension is just another name for high blood pressure. As we all know, high blood pressure leads to multiple health problems, namely heart diseases, increased chances of stroke, and a host of health complications. High stress and unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits all

12 Daily Habits You Must Follow For a Happy Life

Developing a healthy lifestyle habit is a simple but powerful strategy to develop consistency in your health. Your daily routine impacts not just on your overall health, but also your anxiety levels, sleeping habits, and eating patterns. Although it may be tempting to change everything

What causes long COVID? Canadian researchers think they’ve found a key clue

Olympic gold medallist Alex Kopacz may be used to being out of breath when pushing a bobsled, but last year after he was hospitalized for COVID-19, he experienced a very different kind of breathlessness. He was put on oxygen for two months and experienced a number of other health

Best exercise time differs for men and women: Study 

Exercise is good for you whenever you do it, but the time of day to achieve the best result may be different for women and men, according to a US study. It found women burned more body fat during morning exercise, whereas evenings counted more for men. Much of what is known on this