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World Kidney Day: Some habits can damage your kidney

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Update: 2023-03-09 14:11:40
World Kidney Day: Some habits can damage your kidney [image collected]

World Kidney Day is a yearly event that takes place on the second Thursday of March. It is aimed at promoting awareness of the importance of kidney health, risk management and dealing with kidney issues. 

This year, the event is being held on March 9 and provides an opportunity to recognize the significance of looking after our kidneys. One must develop a healthy lifestyle to keep the kidneys healthy. So here are some of the harmful practices that can damage the kidney.

1. Overuse of painkillers
Overusing over-the-counter painkillers can damage your kidneys if taken regularly and over a prolonged period. Whether you're dealing with headaches or arthritis, it is best to consult a doctor before consuming any painkillers.

2. High intake of sugar & salt
High salt and sugar intake can have serious impacts on health, such as hypertension and diabetes, thereby damaging the kidneys. To avoid these risks, it is recommended to limit the intake of sugary foods and replace salt with spices and herbs to flavour food.

3. Not drinking enough water
Not drinking enough water is dangerous for your kidneys. It helps flush out toxins and sodium from the body and can prevent painful kidney stones. Healthy people should drink 3-4 litres of water, but those with kidney issues may need to restrict fluid intake as advised by their doctor.

4. Not getting adequate sleep
Kidneys need a good night's sleep to remain healthy. Sleep-wake cycles regulate kidney function, so getting enough sleep is essential for keeping them working properly.

5. Smoking
Smoking can damage more than just the heart and lungs; it can lead to kidney problems. Studies have shown protein in the urine, a sign of kidney damage, can occur more often in smokers.

6. Heavy alcohol consumption
Heavy drinking (more than 4 drinks/day) increases the risk of chronic kidney diseases. Uric acid generation is also impacted, putting smokers who drink heavily at greater risk.

7. Heavy consumption of meat and processed food
Eating too much meat can create excess acid in the blood, damaging the kidneys. Processed food is loaded with sodium and phosphorus, which can be also damaging to the kidneys. It is important to balance your diet by adding fruits and vegetables for optimum health.

8. Not exercising
Sitting for prolonged periods harms kidney health, while regular exercise helps maintain it, by improving metabolism and regulating blood pressure and blood sugar.


1- When is World Kidney Day celebrated?
The second Thursday of March is celebrated annually as World Kidney Day.

2-Why is World Kidney Day observed?
World Kidney Day is observed to promote awareness of the importance of kidney health.

Source: The Economic Times 

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