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Make your own beauty products

Face mask EGG WHITE Egg white works wonders on your skin. It helps tighten pores and improves skin elasticity. Separate the egg white from the yolk. Evenly apply the white of the egg on your face, and wash off after 10 minutes or as you feel your skin tighten. MULTANI MITTI

Reasons why coconut oil is your best friend

Natural sunscreen Studies have shown that coconut oil has an SPF of up to 8. Though the protection isn't high, applying it often on the skin makes it less susceptible to burning. Effective moisturiser The sun robs your skin off water content and leaves it dry. Often, we tend to

How to Correct Arm Flaccidity

This could be due to lack of exercise, weight gain, pregnancy, sudden weight loss, hormonal changes, poor diet, etc… One of the most troublesome areas is the arms, giving the hanging skin an appearance that could be embarrassing, and that could sometimes cause difficulty while

How to apply concealer on the face

Apply it before wearing foundation on your face. Use clean fingers for its application. Only dab it on the required areas. Do not rub. Make sure the concealer has a lifting ingredient like vitamin A to prevent it from settling around your zits or dark circles. Try using cream

The Clueless Girl’s Guide to Makeup Brushes

Fan Brush Yes, it’s the one that looks like a mini-walis. You can use this brush to sweep away fall-out from eyeshadow application, or to highlight your cheekbones. Angled Face Brush Use this brush to contour your face. It makes applying bronzer onto the hollows of your cheeks a

Five steps to avoid over-eating

1. Concentrate – Studies have proved you can cut your food intake in one sitting by 18% simply by turning off the TV and sitting at the dinner table, rather than eating from your lap. 2. Stop grazing – You are a grazer if you stand at the kitchen cupboard eating the food you have

Frequent candy eaters 

According to a recent data analysis, adults who consume candy at least every other day are no more likely to be overweight nor have greater risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) than moderate consumers (about once a week) or even less frequent candy eaters (less than 3 times per

Easy tips for summer hair care

Deep-conditioning is essential for hair at least once a week in summer. Hair tends to become dry, dull or brittle if it is exposed to frequent cycles of soaking and drying, such as if you sweat a lot or go swimming. If you like to spend most of summer in a pool, it may be wise to

5 office etiquette tips that will make your workplace…

While you may not be able to shush people all the time and have no control over temperature control, there are other courtesies you can observe at work to keep the inter-departmental peace. DON'T CROWD THE WATER COOLER  Most people chat at the office water cooler so that they can

Tips to handle a possessive husband

Many couples around us are not happy because there are some issuesin their relationships. If one of the partners is not treating the other one properly, then it can be very painful for the other. This bad treatment of the partner can range from emotional threats to a physical abuse.

Make ice cream in 5 minutes with one ingredient

Blended frozen bananas are the perfect vegan alternative to ice cream. Instead of breaking up into slush like most frozen fruits put in a blender, bananas have more sugar than water so it becomes a thick stick-together consistency just like dairy-based ice cream! The frozen sweet treat is

Why people love to walk

Known for its health benefits, the concept of nature walk, especially during weekends, has caught up the imagination of city's fitness enthusiasts. With many natural hotspots in the city's outskirts like the Nal Sarovar, Thol Lake and the Punit Van in Gandhinagar giving enough

Flush out the toxins: Detox your body

Include high-fibre fruits and veggies in your diet to aid toxin removal Skin problems, digestive problems, pains and aches could all mean that you have accumulated toxins in your body. In that case, a good detox programme is all you need to get back on track. Body detoxification has

How to make boring food exciting for kids

  iOS and web appliactions, has shared tips on how to make healthy food more interesting for children  1. Emphasise on colour Children love all things bright and colourful, even when it is food. Not only are they more appealing to the children, but they are also better for them.

4 Exercises to Boost Brain Power

Try these exercises to help build cognitive functions by forming new nerve connections and networks. Toe Twisters Before getting out of bed in the morning, slowly begin to move your toes. Continue for a few minutes, moving all your toes and then just the two big toes. This exercise

7 Things you shouldn't tell your husband

At least you'll be spared of your current popping up those memories when you two have a fight. OH! it was great On the backseat of the car, in the elevator, on the balcony, on the bean bag, and wherever else you might have done it! Be you careful, lady, before spilling those beans

Easy and healthy food substitutes

Choose biscuits made of whole-wheat flour instead of refined flour. You don’t have to deprive yourself of all things tasty, if you’re battling cholesterol, diabetes, weight or blood pressure – to name a few. Simple, everyday replacements for what you’re eating can significantly

Green veggies kill cancer genes

Numerous studies have found cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage contain cancer-fighting nutrients. In the new study, researchers found that a key component of broccoli sprouts - sulforaphane - helps suppress breast cancer proliferation and growth,

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Gas and Bloating

When your tummy is stretched you feel uncomfortable.There are so many ways to banish bloating. Symptoms: Loss of appetite Nausea,vomit,headache and dizziness Pain and discomfort in the region of stomach Coated tongue,foul breath increased flow of saliva Scanty urination Bad taste

How to Make a Face Mask to Remove Blackheads

They appear as small bumps on the skin, or plugs in oversized pores. Their color varies from yellow to black. There are many natural remedies for blackheads made from products that are usually in the kitchen. Face masks are treatments left on the face for a period of time, and then