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Are you a high-maintenance man?

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Update: 2017-09-22 08:54:52
 Are you a high-maintenance man?

According to a British study, 1 in 5 women say their partner is high-maintenance and difficult to please! These men spend long hours on their looks and like to have their hair immaculately styled all the time.

You know you are a high-maintenance man if...
You take longer to get ready than your woman: You spend a lot of time in front of the mirror obsessing over your appearance. You won't step out (even if it's going grocery shopping) without getting your hair blow-dried and styled. You love your shoes: Your shoes are always sparkling. You won't step into muddy water, as that will spoil your shoe shine. You have at least 10 pairs of shoes, including neon flipflops that you wear on weekends.

You take spa breaks: You regularly exfoliate, get facials, take meditation classes and even aromatherapy baths! You have a facial fetish.

You only wear branded clothes: As a high-maintenance man, you won't wear anything that's not branded or bought from a designer store. You change your fashion statement every season and won't repeat your style the next season. You change your outfit for every occasion during the day.

You are ageless and wrinkle-free: You are a fitness freak and worship your gym instructor. You never miss your workout for even a single day.

You eat only diet food: You measure every calorie in your food and stay away from sugar and carbs.You avoid gluten, and eat only what the dietician suggests. You never eat street food.

Today's metropolitan man has turned hair removal into an art form. He has well-trimmed hair on the top half of his chest but keeps the stomach area smooth.

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