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Yasmin’s Fitness Studio of Katrina-Alia now in Dhaka

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Update: 2017-08-24 10:38:54
Yasmin’s Fitness Studio of Katrina-Alia now in Dhaka Yasmin’s Fitness Studio of Katrina-Alia now in Dhaka

DHAKA: Bollywood Doll Katrina Kaif or Sweet Girl Alia Bhat of Mumbai is very much popular for their acting as well attractive body formation. However their fatless slim bodies were not formed in one day. The formation of their attractive bodies required the talent, labor, devotion, concentration and endeavors of many people. They are fit because of following regular diet and exercises recommended by the trainers.

Celebrity fitness specialist Yasmin Karachiwalla is one the people who played important role of building attractive body formation of Katrina and Alia.

Yasmin Karachiwala, the person behind sculpted physique and gorgeous chiseled body of Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor, Huma Qureishi is known to be the most sought-after celebrity fitness trainer in Bollywood. Having been part of the fitness industry for 22 years, Yasmin knows how to work with every body type to transform it to its fittest form.

Now Bangladesh has got the opportunity for its women to make body attractive bodies like the heartthrobs Mumbai actresses. With the view to change the idea of fitness, country’s first Pilates Studio is going to be inaugurated on September 9 at Banani in Dhaka. Nudrat S Karim is bringing Franchisee of Yasmin’s Body Image for Fitness Studio.

Expert trainers, receiving training from Yasmin who has over two decades of experience, are coming to Dhaka. Yasmin is the first BASI certified Pilates trainer of India. She has of her own fitness studio in Mumbai. She has enormous experiences of body formation of those contesting for Miss India and other leading beauty contests.

The three-thousand-square-feet studio is going to be inaugurated exclusively for ladies at the 6th floor of 50 Tree house building of Road-23 in Banani. Flawless security with full time gun man will be ensured at the studio. Beside Pilates studio will also provide services of cardiac Yoga, TRX, functional training and Jim facilities.

Ferdousi Shrafat Nizad, the manager of Dhaka’s Yasmin’s Body Image for Fitness Studio, told Banglanews that the decoration work of the studio is complete. Modern and high quality equipments of various types have been brought from abroad. She also mentioned that this studio will not compromise with quality equipments.

She informed that no heavy instrument will be used here. Instruments will be relatively light and one person will take training from one trainer. In every month, there will be group and personal classes but there won’t be any time frame. The body structure of a person will determine the period of training required to reform.

Nizad further said that trainers will make fitness plans of program and time frame as it helps to achieve highest benefits of physical training.

Now, let us all know - what is Pilates?

Pilates is kind of physical exercise which was invented by Jofesh Pilates at the beginning of 20th century. It was invented for the rehabilitation of the affected people during First World War. Gradually the rehabilitation work dramatically turned to the finest direction of making one’s body fit as well as making fat free body parts and beautifying of other organs.

Pilate exercise creates correlation between the body and the brain through systematic breathing, correct arrangements of body’s spinal cord and pelvic system and steady movement.

Using pilates techniques during exercises helps build the structure of body centre strong. The digestive muscle, spine muscle forms the centre. Pilates help movements of all organs of human body in a systematic way. Pilates not only help formation of sound body but it also help quick recovery of any disease.

Benefits and usefulness of Pilates:-
1.  Clear and flawless exercise.
2.  Gaining strength quickly.
3.  Quick recovery from injury.
4.  It is for people of all ages.
5.  Setting of relation with body and central  nervous system.
6.  Making balance of all organs of people of all ages.
7.  Quick recovery affected skin.
8.  Regular respiratory system.
9.  Improved functioning of body.
10. Remove stiffness of organ.
11. Coordination of body structure.
12. Enhancement of body consciousness.
13. Natural flow of blood circulation.
14. Increase of attention.
So fitness seekers get ready to visit Yasmin’s studio.

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