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Wide-eyed wife [VIDEO]

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Update: 2018-10-17 12:38:47
Wide-eyed wife [VIDEO] Symbolic image, collected

Md. Afzol Hossain

Dreams are of immense interest to human beings as they set us pondering over their hidden meanings.

Literally speaking, we tend to see dreams when asleep. They happen in the realm of sub consciousness. Dreams have played a significant role in the history of humanity since the cradle of civilization, shaping, changing ways of our daily lives.

Dreams were valued highly, as it is learned, in ancient Egyptian, Babylonian societies, because dreams were perceived to news of the unseen.

Religious scriptures regard dreams as the decree of one Almighty God.

In Islam, dreams are regarded to be revelation from Allah, as Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) used to see dreams regularly before he was bestowed upon prophethood.

There are numerous verses in the holy Quran that mention dreams. Sura Yusuf is a great one, to name but a few, which chronicles the events of life of prophet Yusuf. The sura starts with the child prophet coming up to his father with vision and ends with its interpretation by him.

Apart from Quran, Hadiths, dreams narrated by prophet Mohammd’s disciples bear importance too. One such story is adapted into a video with link given below.

Md. Afzol Hossain is a researcher on dreams and a journalist by profession. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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