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Home remedy to heal kidneys naturally

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Update: 2019-08-09 13:38:30
Home remedy to heal kidneys naturally

DHAKA: You should follow some tips to keep your kidneys functioning properly and keep them as healthy as possible at every stage of life.

You need to be creating a healthy environment for your kidneys to flush out waste and unwanted toxins to keep your body like a place of worship. 

Unfortunately, with poor eating choices and ill health, you don’t always do everything which keep your body in tip-top condition.

Use caution with supplements and herbal remedies. Such as

You have to hydrate your kidneys, but don’t overdo it. It’s always a good idea to drink enough water, but drinking more than six glasses a day probably won’t help your kidneys do their job any better.

Your kidneys can tolerate a wide range of dietary habits, but you have to follow healthy, moderate eating habits to control weight and blood pressure. 

Regular exercise is a good idea because, like healthy eating habits, regular physical activity can stave off weight gain and high blood pressure. 

Some herbal remedies have been given below which experts commonly sugesst..

Lemon Juice

If you want to try something that will not only cleanse your kidneys but stop them from forming kidney stones, then set your sights on the humble lemon! Lemon juice increases your citrate levels, which stop kidney stones from wanting to form.


Ginger is more effective raw, powdered, juiced, as a spice, or in oil.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can lower your cholesterol, relieve pain associated with kidney stones, and work to reduce inflammation too. It can be beneficial for the health of your kidneys as well.

Garlic which contains allicin has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Both can be beneficial for your kidneys and blood pressure.


Apples which are packed full of fiber which absorbs toxins, may reduce inflammation in the body and work wonders for your digestive tract. It does its job by taking some of the hard work away from your kidneys.


Turmeric which contains curcumin offers anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also beneficial for fighting kidney disease and those pesky stones.

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