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Reasons why children need to meditate

Think about it. How often would you tell your children not to study and just watch TV instead? Probably not too many times, right? Why, because you obviously want the best for them. And who other than you would know the best for your child?You always want to give them the best of

Drinking 4 cups of tea or coffee a day helps lower BP

People consuming four cups of tea or coffee a day have lower blood pressure as compared to those who don’t, a new study has revealed.However, this recent study contradicts previous findings that has linked caffeine intake to high BP or hypertension, the Daily Express reported.The French

Why are you feeling tired all the time?

Feeling tired once in a while is common, but if you frequently find yourself exhausted and weary to the core, it is advisable to figure out why.How many times have you turned down an invitation to go out because you were simply too tired? More often than not, simple changes in your

Read food labels and stay slim

People, especially women, who read labels on food products are thinner, according to a study.The study by an international team of scientists found that female consumers who consult food labels weigh nearly 4 kilograms less.Along with the Universities of Tennessee, Arkansas (USA) and the

Healthy ways to eat non vegetarian foods

Eating meat predominantly is not healthy. It may work for the Eskimos due to their harsh living conditions and having possibly genetically evolved to such eating habits, but for the general population and particularly Indians, it is unhealthy. It leads to high cholesterol, high risk of

Natural hair conditioners for lustrous locks

Hair conditioners help smoothen unruly hair and make them look neat and silky. They are usually applied on the lower half of the hair strands.Although the market is flooded with options, we know they are loaded with chemicals. When you can achieve the same effect by using natural

10 ways to feel full, not fat

Do you find that you are never feeling satisfied after a meal or just an hour or so later you are reaching for a snack to pick you up? Well, we’re here to help with some feel-full strategies. Granted there are foods that can boost your feelings of fullness but how, when and where you

Women are better than men

Men have finally admitted that their woman counterparts are far better than them- at a lot of things, a new survey found.According to the poll, conducted by Frank`s Red-Hot sauce, blokes believe that they are not as good as their girlfriends at dancing, cooking or choosing clothes, the

Beauty habits you should break

Over-exfoliatingToo much scrubbing robs the skin of its natural oils, causing redness, inflammation and acne. Avoid over exfoliation, especially if you`re using acid based products.Common wet hair mistakesDrying or combing your wet hair excessively is a recipe for disaster. Also, rubbing

10 first-time experiences for newlyweds

Transition to married life is filled with many milestone "firsts," which strengthen the relationship with a spouse.A list of things that happen for the first time after a marriage:The first ever fight between a couple is a lot more different and is a lot more charged.Secondly, getting

Pregnancy and lactation: Meeting nutritional needs

As pregnant and lactating women require additional nutrients are required to meet the special demands of the body. This article deals with the major nutrients that a pregnant/lactating woman’s diet should comprise based on the recommendations of Indian Council of Medical Research’s

IVF comes with risk of birth defect

In-vitro fertilization (IVF), which came as a boon to infertile couples, is not without its flip side too, particularly birth defects, says new research.Increasing birth defect risks, particularly of the eye, heart, reproductive organs and urinary systems, for instance, could be linked to

How to cope with stress

Stress, when left unmanaged can lead to health problems, say University of Alabama at Birmingham experts who have also suggested some ways to help deal with its negative effects.While everyone responds to stress differently, common signs include changes in eating habits, feeling like you

Weekly Beauty Tip

DHAKA: This week’s beauty tip is on ‘Brown Eye Shadow’. Take your makeup box and try…Brown Eye ShadowWhile red hair never fails to make a statement in itself, finding a complementary shadow colour can be tricky.Too-light hues can leave you looking washed out, while a dramatic

Don`t get pushed around at work

Wondering how to tackle that pushy colleague at work? Experts tell Lisa Antao ways to do so.Pushy individuals exist everywhere. In most cases, when such an individual is either a family member or a friend, despite having to deal with their nagging behaviour you know that somewhere they

Is money ruining your marriage?

Arguments over finances can hamper any marriage. However, a little joint planning is all you need to put them to restThere comes a time in every marriage when financial issues cause disagreements. This unnecessary problem can be caused due to inadequate emergency funds, different spending

3 Simple steps to look your best

Nails careLooking good isn`t just about wearing good or fancy clothes. It`s about being well groomed as well. Nail care should be an important and essential part of your beauty regimen. Today, nail art is a growing industry with thousands of takers.And nail art is no longer an expensive

Want Your Youngest Child to Achieve?

Brothers (photo: Getty Images)A new study indicates that first-born children perform better in school and also suggests why. It`s not that they are smarter or have higher self-esteem, but that their parents are tougher on them. "People shouldn`t feel limited because they are the second or

The Fruit That Really Does Keep the Doctor Away

Crisp, comforting and delicious, apples have remarkable health benefits, fighting everything from dental problems to diabetes, heart disease, at least 8 types of cancer, and possibly even Alzheimer’s.One of the latest discoveries is that eating at least 2 servings a week of whole

Simple Test Spots Dangerous Blood Clots

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are well on their way to making a screening test for life-threatening blood clots that`s as simple as an at-home pregnancy test.The test they`ve designed uses nanoparticles to sense thrombin, a key enzyme in blood clots. The