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Warmth, love and joy make our home

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Update: 2013-11-26 04:54:08
Warmth, love and joy make our home

Tara Sharma`s 2,100-sq ft home is all about her family and her colourful, elegant taste in home decor. We speak to this South Mumbaikar about her home...

When did you move in to this house?
We moved here around two years ago, but moving here was sort of like returning home for me, as I grew up in this building! My parents` place is on the ground floor and I have lived there since I was three! So coming to live in the same building as my parents and with my husband and our kids made it feel like a home coming! I`m devastated that my father, Partap Sharma passed on, but I really believe he is peaceful knowing that we are in the same building as my mum.

Is this your dream home? Can you rate it on a scale of ten?
Yes it is... I would rate it at a 10 for us! I am rather philosophical and believe that apart from the physical space, a home really is where the heart is, and as long as our home is filled with our love, joy and good health, touch wood, wherever it is would be a 10! And this place especially is, as we also love the physical space, the garden and sea view and that it`s in the same building as my parents place. But, most importantly it`s filled with the love of my family. Our home before this was much smaller, so we also enjoy having a bit more physical space, especially as we are now a family of four, with two kids and our domestic staff.

What is your favourite place at home and why?
My favourite part of our home is our kids` room. It is bright and cheerful like the rest of our den, only it also has the added joy of our kids and lots of fun colourful toys and kiddie things. The blue and white striped walls, wooden floors, animal-print curtains and muti-coloured toys, gives the space a feeling of fun, warmth and love. Our elder son Zen has a blue bed and our younger Kai, a cute cot. And, as a family, we have loads of fun in here too.

Do they have a play room?
Our kids` room doubles up as their play area. Though, since they`re just two and four, our home often has our kid`s things thrown all over! So often the whole house is the kids play area. Apart from their room, we also are fortunate to have a lovely building garden, so that`s a great play area too.

That one special memory you associate with your home...
Cliched as it may sound, everything that happens in our home is a special memory we associate with it. So there are way too many to list, however thanks to my television, which doubles up as my actual diary as a mum that encapsulates many wonderful moments, adventures and experiences while raising our kids, many of them are captured in our home, so it`s a great way of remembering all the amazing memories!

Which part of your house would you call the party corner?
Roopak`s personally designed bar area in the balcony which has a beautiful view of the sea, the living room and the dining table. Though, the two of us do not `party` much, those are the areas we use when we entertain guests at home.

Do you like modular kitchens?
They are sleek and practical but often I like to place things my way. So in ours we have a mix of both. It is part modular, part our arrangement, giving me my space.

Tell us about your kitchen decor.
I call it practical and cool. The appliances are mainly silver and black and we`ve kept it minimal. There is a bright orange wall to make it bright, juxtaposed with black and white flooring. There are also little sunflower tiles and pictures to make it cheerful and a fridge full of magnets from our travels.

What kind of decor do you like in your bedrooms?
While our kids` room is bright, full of fun and cheerful, and the kids themselves are the best part of the room! We chose that kind of decor as it matched what happens in the room! Lots of fun, masti and love! As for our bedroom, it has cream curtains, wooden floors and a huge glass window overlooking the sea. A desk for me to write, be it my blogs or my show and other work and a big TV. We`ve tried to have a calming effect, where Roopak and I can chill and relax after a busy day of running around with the kids and work!

Do you think bathrooms are an important part of a home? What kind of decor you like there?
We`ve given importance to its design, keeping it practical, sleek and cool. It has a dash of colour like in the rest of our home. We have bright bath mats and pictures of fish and other things in the bathroom, to add to the overall effect. Our kids` bathroom has bath curtains and bath toys that give it a young feel.

Which is the most calming space in your house?
On the balcony overlooking the beautiful sea... Watching the waves, when it`s calm water, is very calming. I have grown up with this view and still find it breath taking. I often find Roopak just staring at it in quiet, relaxed wonder, after a busy day. Also, some of our paintings are very calming since they`ve all been chosen by us with love!

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