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How to Feel and Look Lighter

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Update: 2013-11-26 04:51:39
How to Feel and Look Lighter

It`s going to be fall soon. That means cold weather, Thanksgiving gravy, and the end of swimsuit season–hooray! But not so fast: all that hard work you put into your bikini body shouldn`t go to waste. In fact, fall is a great time to put new habits to work to make you feel thinner. Read on to learn more about how to feel and look lighter.
Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels

There are so many diets and "lifestyle" recommendations these days on how to feel thinner, ranging from skipping meals to liquid diets. The truth is: getting thinner can be accomplished with a simple regimen that involves your body, mind, and spirit. Here`s a simple framework that will guide you to feeling like you are walking on clouds: L-I-G-H-T.
L: Laugh and Meditate

The first step to being lighter comes from within. If your mind and spirit are well rested and happy, this will strongly radiate outward to your physical body and surroundings. How exactly do you lift the weight off your shoulders when your kids are hungry, your husband needs attention, and your boss is demanding? Well, take a deep breath and carve out time for yourself. Yes, for yourself only. Do your "Eat Pray Love" thing–go to an Ashram if you have to. Just let the distractions of the world melt away and put your mind at ease.
I: "I"-Catching Looks

A lot of how thin you look is determined by how you dress. Dark colors are always a good idea, which is good timing for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. If you are on the taller side, cowl-neck or long drapey shirts look chic and fabulous. If you are on the shorter side, accentuate your petite figure with a simple pair of lean or skinny jeans and a flattering shirt that is on the shorter side. Long earrings elongate your neck, and off-the-shoulder pieces are always a big win. Use your closet as a motivating tool–buy that aspirational pair of size 4 pants and work your way towards wearing it!
G: Get Walking!

Instead of taking the elevator to your office on the fifth floor, veer left for the stairwell. Park your car further from the grocery store for the extra foot mileage. When you are at the airport, don`t get on those flat moving escalators! If you need a break from reading emails at home, instead of watching TV, take a walk outside. And when you do watch TV, watch it on the treadmill. These extra steps add up and burn more calories than you think.
H: Healthy Food

Instead of skipping meals and reducing what you eat, try changing what you eat. High-fiber foods keep you feeling full a lot longer, so stock up on fruits and veggies to snack on at home or in the office. Try a new recipe each week that is low in fat but not low on taste. Whole grain bread and cereals are a wonderful way to start the day. Don`t even think about skipping breakfast! It`s the most important meal towards making you feel lighter. Smaller portioned meals with higher frequency has been shown to help people stay fit. Plus, it helps you avoid food coma.
T: Tone Your Body

It`s simply amazing what certain activities can do for your figure. If you haven`t tried yoga yet, perhaps this is the time to try it. If you`ve done yoga for years, try hot yoga or another body-toning sport that keeps you fit. Pilates or any aerobics class is always a good bet. Even a sport like karate will tone your muscles without bulking you up while serving as a great way to meet new friends to feel thinner with!

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