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Cheese slashes diabetes risk

Eating just two slices of cheese a day can cut the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 12 per cent, researchers say.The findings go against current health guidelines, which advise cutting back on dairy products and other high-fat foods to help prevent the illness.British and Dutch

Weekly Beauty Tip

DHAKA: This week’s beauty tip is on ‘Faux Bob’. Take your makeup box and try…Bouncy CurlsAt BET’s Black Girls Rock event in New Jersey, the ever-glamorous American actress Kelly Rowland complemented her sleek red carpet getup and glowing makeup with soft, buoyant curls.We love

Daily dose of walnuts ‘boost sperm quality’

Eating 2.5 ounces of walnuts per day improves semen quality in healthy young men, researchers say.According to a new study by UCLA researchers, eating 75 grams of walnuts a day improves the vitality, motility, and morphology of sperm in healthy men aged 21 to 35.Dr. Wendie Robbins and her

How to eat healthy while traveling

I remember how, when I was young, we used to pack up all our meals and sufficient water when we traveled, be it by rail or road. Those days are mostly gone. These days look around in the train bogey and you see most people buying food and beverages on the train, or bringing packed take

Blood type might be a clue to heart disease risk

Here’s another reason to know your blood type — it might be a clue to your risk of heart disease.People who have blood types A, B, or AB have a slightly higher risk of heart disease compared to those with type O, the most common kind, according to research released Tuesday.Those who

When kids’ temper tantrums

In a new study, researchers have given parents and professionals a new tool to know when to worry about young children’s misbehavior.Researchers from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine have developed an easy-to-administer questionnaire specifically designed to

How steady job could benefit diabetics

For people who are diabetic or prone to diabetes, having a steady job appears to be good for their health.And the benefit lies in their adherence to anti-diabetic medications, and not just because of the insurance coverage, according to a new University of Michigan study.It found that

Chocolate may help cut stroke risk in men

Eating a moderate amount of chocolate each week may help lower risk of stroke in men, according to a new study.Men in the study who ate the largest amount of chocolate, about one-third of a cup of chocolate chips (63 grams), had a lower risk of stroke compared to those who did not consume

Create your home gym

While a common complaint of most people is that they don`t find time to go to the gym, there is always the option of utilising a small space in your home for working out.Get equippedWhen putting your home gym space together, it`s important to purchase the right equipment. If you`re just

Building the Perfect Kitchen

Modern kitchens are all about efficiency of design and function, especially in an open-plan environment. A kitchen should be light and airy, less cluttered, well organised and simple to operate where one can move freely and tirelessly. The trend is that all appliances should be integrated

10 Glasses of water a day to cut fat

We have all heard this advice innumerable times. Drink eight to 10 glass of water a day. Experts say that if you are overweight or tend to get most of your calories from processed and salty food, eight to 10 glass of water could actually help you reduce your weight.Water could lower your

Teaching our Children: Menstrual Cycles

On average, girls will get their first period when they are about 12 – 13 years old. Some of them are happy, some are scared, but for all of them it means a big change.Its better approach is to have many smaller conversations with your kids as things come up. Even small children ask

Healthily & Stay Fit by Walking

Walking is everyday transportation that`s taken for granted. We typically don’t see it as exercise and cardio that can improve heart health and help control weight. Walking not only gets us from point A to point B, but it`s also free and easy exercise without limitations — and a brisk

4 Makeup Products for Your Morning Routine

Ever been envious of that one woman at the office whose makeup looks impeccable all day? A good morning beauty regimen can be the difference between wanting to just avoid the mirror after a long day and barely needing a touch-up for after-work drinks.Here are four products you need when

Quit Fighting With Your Hair

Quit the hair fight that you regularly get into! Your hair is a part of your body that needs gentle touch and hair-friendly products such as a good shampoo and conditioner. Girls normally fight with their hair when they:Use heat very frequently on their hair such as electric rollers and

How to Keep Your Nails Pretty & Strong

We girls are extra conscious of the beauty of our hands and nails and always want to know a tip or two to accentuate their loveliness. We are beauty conscious which makes us all the more adorable. We understand that apart from a pretty face, we must emphasize on our overall appeal and

Complexion Crisis

The National Survey of American Life investigated the relationship of complexion crisis and discriminations due to skin problems and discovered very depressive and demoralizing symptoms among people of dark complexions especially African American women. These African American women who

Weekly Beauty Tip

DHAKA: This week’s beauty tip is on ‘Faux Bob’. Take your makeup box and try…Faux BobFake it til you make it! Whether you’re considering a bob, or want to dabble in the short hairstyle trend for a night, we’re considering the gorgeous faux version English actress Ashley

Hair fall and remedies

First of all, if you are not in the habit of ’Oiling’ your hair then I think you are doing a mistake. The process of oiling or message gives your hair an extra life, with shine. In this regard you should know that which oil suits you the most. Some people use the mixture of two to

Brighten Up: 3 Ways to Fade Dark Spots

The plain and simple thing is that dark spots suck. Dark spots make you look ugly, albeit they are harmless. Dark spots are usually caused due to too much time spent in the sun, old acne scars or hormonal changes, aging, menopause, stress, pregnancy, improper skin care lack of vitamin C