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‘Tourism board knows nothing about tourism’

TEA HEAVEN RESORT (SREEMANGAL): Dhaka University Tourism and Hotel Management Department Assistant Professor Bodruzzaman Bhuiyan alleged that the Bangladesh Tourism Board (BTB) knows nothing about tourism. He said that the board spent Tk 10 crore in a night “by singing and dancing”

Considering history, local people must for tourism dev

TEA HEAVEN RESORT (SREEMANGAL): Save the Heritage and Environment chief coordinator Abdul Hye Al Hadi said it is a must to keeping the historical background of Sylhet for the development of tourism in this part of the country. “Puranic texts say there were people in Sylhet around

Specialists for eco-friendly tourism

TEA HEAVEN RESORT (SREEMANGAL): Dhaka University Tourism and Hotel Management Department Professor Rashedul Hasan said Sylhet is a strangely beautiful place, this place is unique, but we must be aware not to destroy the environment while visiting here. He said the theme of sustainable

Initiatives to preserve heritage of Sylhet

FROM SYLHET: Sylhet, once part of British Indian province of Assam, is full of heritage. Meanwhile, some private initiatives have started to preserve the historic values, publicity and maintenance of various heritage sites of Sylhet.   It has been planned to work jointly in

No publicity of Tourism Year in Madhabkunda

MOULVIBAZAR: The government declared 2016 as ‘Tourism Year’ to attract the tourists both from home and abroad but there was nothing observed in support of this declaration in Madhubkunda Waterfall, one of the most popular tourist spots in the country, and in eco-park at Barlekha

When cloud, hill, fountain, river meet at Pantumai

AFTER RETURNING FROM BICHHANAKANDI (SYLHET): Milk-white clouds are seen touching the hill, crystal clear water of the fountain is falling down and finally mixing in the river – such a beauty is depicted at Pantumai. The happy co-existence of natural elements in the area adjacent to

Banglanews theme song video on Youtube

DHAKA: Music video of the theme song of country’s leading online newsportal has been released on the video-sharing website Youtube on Saturday (January 23).Two of the country’s popular singers Kona and Imran sang the song that was composed by Imran.Director of the

Online media can differentiate between Islam, militancy

DHAKA: Maulana Nurul Alam Ishaqir, principal of Jamia Mahmudia Meradia, remarked that only online media can spot out the difference between the concept of Islam and militancy among the mass.He came up with the assertion while speaking at a seminar titling ‘Exercising ideology of Prophet

2015 in Review: Major Killings

DHAKA: The year 2015, the country faced huge criticism and condemnations for Killing of bogglers, writers, publishers and foreign nationals though it witnessed many groundbreaking achievements in attaining Millennium Development Goals (MDG), upgrading to lower-middle income country,

2015: Major developments, achievements

DHAKA: The country experienced a number of achievements as well as developments in the year of 2015 although the year had started with disappointments generated by political deadlock, violence, killings of general people by arson attacks, deadly attacks on bloggers and writers as well as

Major verdicts, executions in 2015

DHAKA: The outgoing year 2015 was eventful for the nation as the verdicts of three top war criminals were executed for their crimes against humanity during the country’s Liberation War in 1971.Followed by the year 2014 when the verdicts of several war criminals passed by the

Ethnic people being trafficked too

DHAKA: Some ethnic youths of Bangladesh also undertook the dangerous trek in sea to go to Malaysia from the end of 2013 to May, 2014 for realizing their dream to get better life.However, many of them, after rescue operations, were landed in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia.At

Olacab: easy and relax transportation in India

CHENNAI: What will happen if the taxi comes to our door and waits for us? It is not a dream. Some countries including India have this system. For this, people need only internet connection and application.In our country, working people gather in bus stands to go to their office on time.

Bangladeshi engineers’ skills proved

DHAKA: The construction work of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant is going on as per schedule. The plant will go into commercial production in 2022 while power will be available in 2023 from the second unit.Bangladesh is performing its part perfectly while local engineers have demonstrated

Waterbus halted by bridge

DHAKA: Every one was very much cautious apprehending a certain clash of the waterbus’s mast with the bridge.The group of fifteen artists, journalists and photographers who were having pleasant time in sun and wind on the roof of the waterbus became anxious.But the mast of the waterbus

Infrastructure Challenge of National Visions

DHAKA: Bangladesh government is proceeding on national visions for achieving dream of its economic development.The targets are to achieve mid income country status by 2021 and developed economy status by 2040.A small country of 160 million populations will require setting up very

Bangabandhu Forever

Bangabandhu was there in yesteryears, he is very much present among Bangladeshis everywhere today and he will remain forever. Immortal souls never disappear. They always encourage and inspire even from behind the scene.Forty years have gone by. Ungrateful Bangladeshi criminals brutally

AirAsia to recruit Bangladeshi crew

Dhaka: The working people who visit Malaysia from Bangladesh suffer from in-flight nervousness as they find no Bangladeshi among the crew members.  With a view to let them have more easy and happy journey on the way to and from Malaysia the popular budget airline AirAsia will recruit

Happiness at 5800 rupee

CHENNAI, INDIA: People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace. Most of them think that happiness means a lot of money. A tea seller however differed and claimed herself ‘happy’ earning around 5800 rupee per month.Twenty four-year-old Sangita Mahalingam is doing

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