Sunday, 02 Apr, 2023

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Blockade blocks businesses badly

DHAKA: A hawker calculates business on the basis of its running time. Sohel, a youth from Noakhali, has learnt this through his 10 years’ experience of selling goods in footpath shops. Sohel could earn nothing during last 71-hour blockade enforced by the opposition alliance, 18-party.

Where hard labour brings result

From KUALA LUMPUR: Dr. Sabiul Islam is working here as an Associate Professor at the National University ‘University Kebangsan Malaysia (UKM). Many students coming from different universities are doing Ph.D under him at Institute of Micro-Engineering and Nano Electronics (IMEN).My

Devotees demand Babul’s arrest

DHAKA: Devoted Muslims of the country started agitating against Jamuna Group’s business of alcoholic drinks and beers, which is forbidden in Islam.They have urged the government to arrest Jamuna Group’s chairman Nurul Islam Babul, the prime mover of anti-Islamic activities within the

University of Kebasang Malaysia: BD students the best

FROM KUALALAMPUR: The name of the national university of Malaysia is ‘University of Kebasang Malaysia(UKM). Meritorious students of different countries are studying here. Bangladeshi students are showing their merit here. A large number of Bangladeshi students are studying here for Ph.D

Jamuna Group makes Haji Zamir family destitute

DHAKA: Jamuna Group’s aggressive and ever increasing hungry has forced the family of Haji Zamir pauper. Chairman of organization of Nurul Islam Babul has forcibly and illegally occupied five bighas of land of the family worth Tk 100 crore. By forcibly occupying the land with muscle

ACC probe report submitted

DHAKA: The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) investigation team has submitted a probe report on much-talked-about Bismillah Group loan scam accusing 42 allegedly involved. ACC Chairman Badiuzzaman confirmed the matter to banglanews on Sunday afternoon. He said, “The probe report has been

Tale of 2 Tigers of Karwanbazar

DHAKA: It’s a tale of two Royal Bengal Tigers in front of the SAARC Fountain, one of the busiest points of the capital city.In January, 2010, during the 11th South Asian Games in Dhaka, a huge budget was spent in different areas. Among them a fat budget was allocated for the decoration

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