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Facts on Fats

Nowadays everybody seems to be talking about Low fat diets .What is low fat? How much is low? Do we really require fat in the diet? What happens when one consumes a high fat diet? Are Fats good for us? Which type of fat is good? The questions are numerous. Here we shall understand what

Diabetes, Know the symptoms

Diabetes is a killer. It is estimated that over 16 million people in the US alone has diabetes. Diabetes can have serious lifelong conditions. half of the people that have diabetes don’t even know that they have it.Diabetes is a disorder of the metabolism. Metabolism is the way our body

Traffic fumes can up risk of lung cancer

Even low level exposure to traffic fumes is enough to raise the risk of lung cancer, a large European study has revealed.The new research, that analysed pooled information from 17 studies in nine European countries, has found that people’s chances of having the disease rose with greater

The germiest places we all visit!

Malls: Your shopper’s paradise may look all swanky and clean, but studies show that malls are infested with germs. With a steady inflow of people, the germs get added on faster than they are cleaned. While you may expect places like bathrooms and escalator hand bars are expected to be

Plan your New Year fitness resolution!

Dare to dream of a leaner fitter body? Here is how to plan your New Year’s Fitness Resolution.Love your body, Love thy self: Respect God’s gift of life and re-unite with yourself. The self-realization of the importance of a healthy lifestyle starts when you value yourself and your

5 winter must do’s for girls

Winter is the time to enjoy and soak up in the sun and especially women need to make most of the fun quotient that winter has in store for them.Long driveRoad trips are really fun in winter. Whether it`s that adrenaline pumping bike ride or a joyful car ride, long drives and lunch and

When Only One Partner Slims Down

A romantic relationship can change when one partner slims down, and not always in a good way, new research suggests.“Losing weight can affect your relationship negatively,” said Lynsey Romo, an assistant professor of communication at North Carolina State University, in Raleigh.In her

Exercises for staying mentally fit

Staying fit mentally is as important as maintaining our physical health. It is vital to exercise our brain regularly just like we exercise the rest of our body.According to studies, physical activity and brain exercise programs help reduce anxiety and depression in individuals. Moreover,

Do you have cyberchondria?

The next time you develop a sudden rash on your arm that might look funny, don`t jump on the keyboard and type away your concerns; if you do so you might be a cyberchondriac! Searching for health worries online is escalating into a new phenomenon — cyberchondria.So what makes smart

Weekly Beauty Tip

DHAKA: This week’s beauty tip is on ‘Healthy Glow’. Take your makeup box and try…Healthy GlowSecond-time mommy-to-be Drew Barrymore, an American actress, never fails to look radiant on the red carpet, and her luminous complexion at the Baby2Baby Gala in California can be credited

How men look at women at work

All she needs to do is sit and look pretty`; `They shouldn`t have let her helm the project, I hear she`s trying for a baby`; `This job is too stressful for women`; `She gets to leave work early because of her kids`; `She`s PMS-ing. Scary!` Raise your hands if you`ve heard these

20 Ways to reduce hair loss in men

It is a natural phenomenon; so there`s is no need to worry over a few follicles falling off. There could be many causes of hair loss which include diet, mineral deficiency, medications, stress, pollution and genetics. Putting on a cap, hat or helmet could also be another reason in men.

6 Things your guy doesn`t want to hear

However, there are few things that are better left unsaid. Irrespective of the fact that your guy is the coolest man on the planet, there are things he might not appreciate hearing from especially you even if it has some truth to it.Here are a few common statements that most girls make

10 Healthy reasons to eat apples

Apple has several health benefits, but this forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden is also a great weight loss food.Apples combine certain nutrients in a way that sets them apart from all other fruits and makes them a food of choice for achieving several health goals. Unique support for

How to lay the perfect Christmas table

Christmas dinners are always a special time with friends and family, when most folks out do themselves while preparing tasty spreads.But if you want it to be truly a cheerful affair that reflects the spirit of Christmas, make sure you take care of the little details that will really

Benefits of rose water

Generations of women have used rose water as part of their skin care regime. It isn`t uncommon to hear grannies extolling its benefits and not without reason.Rose water and rose oil are one of the oldest skin care and grooming products. It used to be added to baths as also to treat mild

6 Things women must learn from men

Undoubtedly, man and women make two sides of the same coin as they are perfect complements to each other. Yet both sexes are uniquely different. However, there must be a thing or two that one can learn from the other.So, taking the battle of sexes forward, we allowed men to share things

Maternal exercise

What could be more important than a newborn`s good health for an expecting women? But what is it that could be done to welcome your bundle of joy hail and healthy in this world. Well experts argue that a pregnant lady’s physical fitness paves way for her babies metal stability.

Fight Flu with Goji Berries

Just when everyone was giving up hope with any improvement in flu vaccines and their potency in fighting the dreadful flu, science has come up with yet another weapon to combat this problem namely goji berries. Having tested this new nutrient on mice as a part of research, the team of

Application of Self-Hypnosis to Ease Pain of Breast Biopsy

With biopsies of the breast becoming commonplace, a technique that has emerged as a viable and pain-reducing option is that of self hypnosis. As opposed to being administered the traditional local anesthetic, patients are taught to hypnotize themselves and remain status quo till the end

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