Sunday, 04 Dec, 2022


US confronts China, Russia at UN over N Korean missile launches

The United States and its allies have clashed with China and Russia, accusing the pair of preventing action being taken by the United Nations Security Council against North Korea for its escalating ballistic missile launches. The 15 members of the Security Council failed on Friday to

Kenya drought kills more than 200 elephants

More than 200 elephants and hundreds of zebras and gnus have died in Kenya's worst drought in four decades, the country's tourism minister said on Friday. The crisis has affected nearly half of Kenya's regions and at least four million out of its 50 million people.

Germany’s Olaf Scholz meets China’s Xi Jinping as trade in focus

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has met with Chinese President Xi Jinping during the first visit by a leader of the Group of Seven (G7) nations to China in three years. Leading a high-level business delegation to China on Friday, the German leader’s focus on boosting economic ties

Imran Khan remembers Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, Talks about Pakistan's Split

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday compared his struggle for ‘real freedom’ with that of Awami League chief Sheikh Mujibur Rehman and reminded that the country had split into two after a political party with a legitimate political mandate was denied

Massive protests erupt in Pakistan after 'assassination' bid on Imran Khan

Protests have erupted across Pakistan after an "assassination attempt" on former prime minister Imran Khan, who was leading a march through the capital Islamabad. Anger poured on streets after a gunman opened fire at a protest rally in eastern Pakistan on Thursday, slightly

Russia signals retreat in southern Ukraine but Kyiv fears trap

A Russian-installed official in southern Ukraine said Moscow will likely pull its troops from the west bank of the Dnipro River in Kherson and urged civilians to leave, possibly signalling a retreat that would be a setback to Russia’s war. There was silence from senior officials

Attacker reveals why he opened fire at former PM Imran Khan

The accused who fired shots at former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, confessed to his guilt. The accused reportedly said that he wanted to kill Imran Khan because he was misleading the public. In a video, the attacker said, "I wanted to kill Imran Khan. Only he had to be

Imran Khan shot and wounded at rally

Pakistan's former prime minister Imran Khan on Thursday sustained bullet injury when unidentified assailants opened fire on the container-mounted truck carrying him during his protest march in Pakistan's Punjab province, media reports said. The incident occurred near Allahwala

UN denies Russia's bioweapons probe call

The UN Security Council late on Wednesday rejected a resolution drafted by Russia to investigate its allegations that the US is developing biological weapons in Ukraine. Russia and China were the only votes in favor of the investigation, while US, France and Britain, which all have

North Korea fires suspected ICBM

North Korea has fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) designed to hit targets on the other side of the world, say South Korean officials. The ICBM launch is Pyongyang's seventh this year, and comes amid concerns that it will soon test a nuclear weapon. It comes a

South hits back as North Korea fires most missiles in a day

North and South Korea have fired a number of missiles into waters near each other's coasts in a marked escalation of hostilities. The North launched its most missiles in a single day - at least 23 - including one that landed less than 60km (37 miles) off the South's city of

Israel’s Netanyahu appears to hold lead in election

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to edge toward election victory on Wednesday, with nearly two-thirds of ballots showing that he and his ultranationalist and religious allies are poised to achieve a stable majority in the country’s parliament. Votes were

Most Murders Of Journalists Go Unpunished: UNESCO

An overwhelming majority of killings of journalists across the world go unpunished, a United Nations agency reported on Wednesday. "Impunity for killings of journalists remains unacceptably high at 86 percent," said UNESCO, the United Nations cultural organisation whose brief

Five lions escape exhibit at Australian zoo

Five lions have sparked a brief emergency at an Australian zoo after escaping from their enclosure. The animals - one adult and four cubs - were spotted outside their exhibit at Sydney's Taronga Zoo about 6:30 local time on Wednesday (22:30 GMT Tuesday). The zoo was put in

N Korea fires missile across maritime border for first time

North Korea has fired a missile towards the South, which crossed the two countries' maritime border for the first time since the peninsula's split. The short-range ballistic missile landed some 60km (37 miles) from the South's city of Sokcho and triggered air-raid alarms on

Putin suspends grain exports deal with Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin has said Russia is suspending - but not ending - its participation in a deal that allows safe passage to vessels carrying Ukrainian grain exports. Moscow pulled out of the UN-brokered agreement on Saturday, alleging that Ukraine had used a safety corridor in

S Korea response to crowd crush ‘inadequate’, says police chief

South Korean police have said crowd control measures at the scene of a deadly Halloween crush in the country’s capital, Seoul, was “inadequate”, promising tough new safety measures to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. National Police Commissioner General

9 arrested over Morbi bridge collapse that killed 134 in India

Nine people have been arrested over the collapse of a suspension bridge in India’s western Gujarat state that killed at least 134 people on Sunday, police said. The suspects are all associated with Oreva, a Gujarat-based electrical appliances manufacturer that performed

Turkey promises to keep grain moving despite Russian suspension

Turkey says it is determined that Ukraine continue its food exports despite Russia suspending its participation in a United Nations-brokered grain deal, a move that has heightened concerns for nations desperate for food assistance. Russia suspended the deal on Saturday after what it

Bankrupt Sri Lanka's Inflation Dips To 66 Percent

Inflation in crisis-hit Sri Lanka dipped marginally for the first time in 12 months but prices were still an eye-watering 66 percent higher than a year ago, official data showed Monday. The island nation of 22 million people has suffered months of extreme economic hardship with severe