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Longadu charms can beat Europe-America

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Update: 2016-10-18 03:24:41
Longadu charms can beat Europe-America

RANGAMATI: I never conceived that the morning will be so pleasant. In the early autumn morning I went to Reserve Bazar launch-ghat from cantonment area.

Steamer MV Shamim with the capacity of carrying 200 passengers was waiting for leaving the terminal. At the strong siren banged by septuagenarian Sareng Md. Ali we made quick breakfast and took seat at the up stair. The steamer having wooden body was destined for Longadu the same place Banglanews team will go.

Longadu is an inaccessible area. It is difficult to have return journey on the same day. The tourists also do not take that venture. There is nothing to see.

Our tour planner Senior Output Editor Zakaria Mondol despite hearing from the people of Rangamati about Longadu still sent us to verify whether there is anything to observe or conceive. Before starting for Longadu we were a bit uncertain about the prospect of Longadu.

The steamer trip, started at 7-30am, was moving towards Longadu through the green water lake. The moment the sun was also beaming. Within half an hour when we reached at Jarulchhari we noticed that the beauty of the nature is being unfolded.

There was something floating on the water a replica statue of either dragon or of dinosaur. Next we were received by Barkal upazilla after leaving Jarulchhari.

On the both sides of the lake the hills covered with thick trees were looking as if touching the sky. After an hour journey we reached one of the attractions of tourism spot Shuvlong waterfall.

The flow of the fountain was so slim that the powerful camera lens also failed to catch it.

We felt pity for the tourists. However though the fountain fails to give pleasure it will be compensated by the beauty of the peaks of the hills of both sides. There was something heavenly feeling. The nature of hills was just laughing with the golden ray of the beaming sun rays.

When the steamer was moving towards number 9 Hazarchhara the sun light of the east falling on the west was painting blue-green picture on the clear water of the lake.

Why people goes to Europe and America for touring! This question arose in our mind. In our journey we were accompanied by an employee Alfaz Ahmed of Longadu upazilla office. It must say that he was introducing the surroundings to us all the about.

During discussion he, giving emphasis, said that I never went to Europe or America only I saw it in the picture but our potentialities cannot be ignored. A few days back when I was going through the tourism in Akhrid Lake of Macedonia published in Banglanews I compared our journey and definitely can say our one is better than that.

The steamer running at 18-20 kilometers speed in average when crossed number 10 Barunchhari the hue of beauty started changing. In what language that beauty can be described rather it can be said that the fragrance of beauty increased manifold.

The account of journey in Akhrid Lake written by Sanjoy Dey creating an illusion in my mind that is gone. We were at Kattoli beel, a part of the lake. It is famous for insemination and production of country’s fish variety.

The fishermen were found catching fishes in the blue water. There were high hills on both sides of the lake. Cloud was flying there. I want to know whether Akhrid Lake has this beauty! 
Alfaz informed us that in winter the water becomes bluer and there is a huge rush of guest birds in this lake. The steamer is to move avoiding the rush of guest birds.

In winter generally the tourists do not visit this area as it is a remote area. But its beauty vapored the trouble of three and half hours arduous journey. Really the beauty of nature has opened her all baskets of natural amenities upto Longadu.

Though I want to forget that but the verse of the great poet, “Just keeping my feet outside the house…”
We don’t see, even don’t try to see. So, we don’t find the bounty of nature. I would invite you to ‘come and see our picturesque country’.

How to go:

From Cantonment area of the town to Reserve Bazar by auto-rickshaw costing Taka 100. From there get steamer at 7:30am, 10:30am, 12:00pm and 2:00pm. It will take 3 and a half hours to Longadu. The fare per head at up-stair Taka 145 and ground floor Taka 115. However, the last return trip at 1:30pm. At Longadu you can enjoy many Buddhist monasteries within two hours time.

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