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God’s Pond on hills

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God’s Pond on hills

BACK FROM GOD’S POND (MAHALCHHARI): As soon as we crossed the river Noonchhari, we had to start climbing stairs. Thick bush on both sides was visible.

In the center wide stairs were keeping similarity with the hill. We took the chance of taking rest on the wide landing after traveling long stairs. There were resting sheds at every distance.

The traveling path was not so easy. Suppose, you just go down few distance then again go up some distance. It appeared to us that the stairway will not end.

After walking few hundreds stairs finally we did not miss the chance of taking rest in a shop of indigenous shopkeepers.

We filled our stomach with four delicious bananas purchased at Taka one only. Again we purchased a hilly papaya weighing four kgs. Cost was only Tk 60.
We gained strength by filling the stomach by bananas and papaya. Stepping some forward distance we found a very big pond. Going near of the pond we saw a group of hill juveniles were just jumping and playing in the pond.

People of ages were giving their religious showdowns by placing earthen candles on the pucca ghat. A mike of a picnic party was making huge sound disturbing the tranquility of the surroundings.

The big longish pond on five acres of land was as if walled by green trees. Due to the existence of the trees it became clear to us that the pond is situated above seven hundred feet of plain land.
Though the pond is situated on so high it never dries up. The Tripura indigenous people regard it as their holy place. They have termed it as Matai Puthir. Matai means God and Puthir means Pukur. They regard it as a ‘Pond of God’.

There is hearsay that the god of water personally dug this pond to meet the thirst of the local people. They also believe that under this pond there is huge treasure which is being guarded by the gods.

Every year, a fair takes place on the last day of Chaitra as it is regarded by them a sacred place of pilgrimage. There is also a rumor that if anybody wants something here his desire is fulfilled.

There is more hearsay that sometime in the past there were two sects of inhabitants by the side of the hill. One is Jumia who cultivated ‘jhum’. In one night, he was forbidden to cultivate jhum in dream. But, the Jumia carried on jhum cultivation ignoring the forbid. Next he was told in the dream that he is to sacrifice human being and then cultivate jhum.

But the Jumia did not pay heed to it that results a destructive earthquake in a dark night. Then in the morning the locals found that the jhum field has become a big pond.

Many believe that it is the mouth of dead volcano.

The pond is 1,500 feet in length while it 600 feet wide. The top of the hill is visible from a long distance.

The location of the God’s Pond is in Alutilla hilly region of Noonchhari Mouza of Khagrachari Sadar. The river Noonchhari originating from this hill is flowing by the side of the pond.

It is 13 kilometers away from the district headquarters. There is also rumor regarding the naming of the geographical boundary of this pond.

One group opined that one office was set up here for collecting revenue during the reign of Tripura kings. This kind of office is called Mohal in Tripura language.

But another school of thinkers opined that once there were abundant ‘mal’ or ‘mrigel’ fish. From the name of ‘mal’ fish the name Mahalchhari was originated.

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