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Tourism sinks along with Hanging Bridge

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Update: 2016-10-16 11:04:07
Tourism sinks along with Hanging Bridge

BACK FROM THE HANGING BRIDGE (RANGAMATI): The ‘hanging bridge’ on Kaptai Lake is now under three feet water. No tourist could touch their feet on the deck of the hanging bridge. Actually due to ‘wrong design’ the ‘symbol of Rangamati’ is giving a ‘price’.

The design was made estimating the highest level of water in monsoon but while constructing the height of the design was not maintained. So it is counting loss in this season every year due to absence of the tourists.

It is gathered that in 1984 estimating the highest level of water in monsoon at 105 feet the design was made. It means that if the water level becomes more than the height then the deck of the bridge will submerge. This is the picture of the hanging bridge for last few months.

Walking round the much-talked hanging bridge it was found that the railing of the bridge has been submerged so the authorities closed the entry point. Red flag with a bamboo has been fixed as the sign of no entry.

Due to the closure of the bridge many tourists were returning being disappointed. Many tourists with the experience of closure of the bridge were swimming in cold water of Kaptai Lake.

A kid, who came with much expectation, asked his father that “Is it that Kaptai hanging bridge?” In reply the father consoled his son that they will travel in the speed boat.

On the other hand, the humming business surrounding the hanging bridge is on the brink of closure. The disappointment is staring on their face. Many have already left the place and the rest are trying to dispose their goods at a throw away price to leave as early as possible to avoid further loss.

On the side of the bridge about 20 sellers were waiting with pickle and some goods for female tourists. Mitu Tripura told Banglanews that as the bridge is submerged so the sale is very low. Earlier, they used to make profit about TK 500-600 daily but at present it does not reach that figure.

On October 15, the sellers said that this situation has been prevailing since 20th of the last month (September). They were eagerly waiting for the day when the bridge would come above the water.

As the hanging bridge is closed, so everybody is using speed boats to visit the park. But when the speed boats were touching the bank, they were hitting the cable of the bridge causing some damages to the cables.

BDST: 2057 HRS, OCT 16, 2016

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