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Players` chief calls for uniform referral system

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Update: 2010-08-06 00:54:09
Players` chief calls for uniform referral system


SYDNEY: The chief of the Federation of International Cricketers` Associations on Friday called for the Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) to be applied throughout all Test series.

The referral system is being used in a Test series in Britain for the first time during the current four-match campaign between England and Pakistan.

FICA Chief Executive Tim May said he backed recent comments from leading cricketers, Sri Lanka`s Kumar Sangakkara, Australia`s Ricky Ponting, India`s Virender Sehwag and recently-retired umpire Rudi Koertzen for the review system to be implemented in all Tests.

Under the review system each side is allowed two unsuccessful challenges to on-field decisions per innings, although they have a maximum of 15 seconds in which to make the request.

The third umpire, assisted by various technological aids, then rules on whether to overturn an on-field verdict.

"In May this year, the ICC`s Cricket Committee, of which I am a member, made a recommendation to the ICC`s Chief Executives` Committee that the UDRS should be used in all Tests in all series," May said in a statement.
"This is a recommendation that was strongly supported by players that FICA represents.

"Unfortunately, the ICC Chief Executives` Committee did not adopt this recommendation."

Former Australian Test spinner May said the committee instead preferred to give various national Boards` discretion to use the technology from series to series, because of concerns over the funding of the technology and opposition from some Boards to the system.

"The players are aware that the system isn`t 100 percent perfect, but believe that its introduction has resulted in an improved number of correct decisions and the eradication of the `obvious` incorrect decision," he said.
May say the review system was introduced to Test cricket primarily as a means of addressing the `blatantly incorrect` decision.

"FICA believes that it has been very successful at achieving that objective," he said.

"Test cricket must be played on a consistent basis from country to country and from series to series.

"It is unfair and confusing to players, spectators, broadcasters, sponsors and the fans watching at home on television, if one series is played under the URDS system and the next system without it.

"It must also be incredibly difficult for umpires to officiate from series to series without any continuity of the UDRS."

May said his organisation understands that some countries may have some funding issues with implementing the system, but it does not understand why the ICC has given the visiting team the discretion to reject the technology that the home Board will provide.

"The ICC needs to adopt a firm policy -- it`s either applicable in all Tests or none," he said.

"Giving discretion to Boards to decide whether to use this system is an invitation for inconsistency and confusion and that`s where we are at the moment."

FICA represents player associations in Australia, Bangladesh, New Zealand, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies.

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