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World class treatment at Vasan eye care

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Update: 2015-05-13 06:01:00
World class treatment at Vasan eye care

DHAKA: Eye is the only way to see the beautiful nature encircled us. Eternal emotions reflect on eyes and the rainbow of life blossoms in it. But due to pollution and hazards of modern life are affecting our eyes every moment.

Some times our eyes get affected by air pollution and some time it’s hazarded by long time in front of computer screen. In many cases eyes get infected due to lack of proper care. Close your eye for few seconds and think about that man who has only darkness in front of his eyes.

A minimum damage of eyes and casual approach for the treatment could bring permanent blindness for any one. But today you don’t need to be scared. The modern treatment can solve critical to most complex eye related problems.

Vasan eye care brings you the international standard treatment for eyes. You will find at Vasan eye care hospital that a silent revolution already happened in eye care treatment. Vasan eye care made this revolutionary change possible. And that made Vasan eye care hospital the furthermost eye care hospital in India.

From last fifty years Vasan eye care hospital is providing the best quality and international standard of treatment to the patients. Considering the service towards patients need and requirement Vasan eye care established themselves as the largest eye care super specialty hospital network of world.

Vasan eye care network not only limited to India, they set up branches at UAE and in neighboring country Srilanka. Vasan eye care hospital has more than 750 doctors and 7500 trained staffs in its 180 above hospital network.

Almost 20 thousand patients visit in this eye care hospital and almost 700 operations successfully perform in regular manner. It shows the extent of the service level of this medical institution.

Vasan eye care hospital designed most efficiently. Patients of all age get every eye related treatment in under in one roof. 38 separate eye care specialty are provided in under same roof. Doctors take personal care for every patient.

Pediatric eye care is a separate part in Vasan eye care hospital.

You may think that this type of international standard treatment must cost higher. But the fact is that only in Rs.100 you can consult with the best doctors at Vasan eye care hospital. For the next visit you need to pay only Rs.80. Senior citizen have some special facilities.

In common perception only one doctor examines one patient. But in Vasan eye care hospital patient have to pass minimum three types of examination. And in every diagnostics would be taken under a doctor’s supervision.

You may surprise but you should know that these international standard services made Vasan eye care hospital separate from every other eye care hospital.

Vasan eye care hospital has special discount for people above 50 years. ‘We fill at home facility’, a patient said us in way to home after an operation at Vasan eye care hospital.

This hospital has more than 10 diagnostic centers for every eye related diseases. It has most modern operation theater and modern equipments for treatment.

Patients came for treatment, told us that they were unaware of the modern age eye care treatment before they reached in that hospital. They also said that, not only good treatment doctors of Vasan eye care hospital helps them to understand about the problems and how to deal with that.

Vasan eye care hospital offers Glaucoma, treatment of retina, treatment of Cornea, Lesic ledger treatment, Diabetic retinopathy treatment, implantable contact lance, Cataract treatment, oculoplasty treatment and many more. In every point Vasan eye care hospital maintains the international standard. The most important thing is that, the cost of every treatment is under reach of general people.

Not only that, Vasan eye care hospital performs very complicated treatment too. Celebrities and acting professionals come from all over the world for changing the color of eye balls. This is called Cosmic Eye surgery.

The patients are not limited in India only; people from Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar come for the treatment at Vasan eye care hospital. Hospital has special facility for Bangladesh’s citizen. Vasan eye care hospital has branches in Salt Lake and Kasba in Kolkata.

So don’t waste your time, visit Vasan Eye care to get the world class treatment for you and your family. Contact-- [email protected]

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