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3 Genius On-the-Go Beauty Tricks

1. Make it last with primer: Whether you’re at work, out for a night, or have a long day, chances are you need that beautiful fresh made-up face to last awhile. Our tip: splurge a little on primer, save on everything else. If you have a good primer, inexpensive drugstore makeup will

Weekly Beauty Tip

DHAKA: This week’s beauty tip is on ‘Peach Lips and Cheeks’. Take your makeup box and try…Peach Lips and CheeksWho said going matchy-matchy was a bad thing? At the Museum of Modern Art screening of The Great Gatsby in New York City, American actress Emma Roberts paired her faint

Most expensive hotel suite in New York

DHAKA: The most expensive hotel suite in New York City took seven years and $50 million USD to build, features cathedral ceilings, semi-precious stones in the bathroom, a grand piano and stands 800 feet (over 240 m) above the street the highest hotel penthouse in the city.Named after the

Sunscreen: Are You Really Covered?

Summers are here again and though people are enjoying this weather by arranging picnics but they are also worried because of the evergreen problem associated with summers! Yes you got that part right. “How to protect your skin from sunrays”? Parents are worried for their children who

Skipping Breakfast May Increase Heart Attack Risk

You have heard your elders saying never skip breakfast. Breakfast is most important meal after a long night. Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal as it provides you energy to cope up with all day troubles.Now research has revealed another reason to have breakfast which is

Choose the Best Kitchen Tile Flooring

While you think of how to make your kitchen interesting keep in mind that most important part of your day has to be spent in the kitchen. Make sure that the kitchen tiles are different and beautiful according to the ambience of the kitchen.The choice of kitchen tiles should be made by the

Why is henna good for you

Henna isn`t just for covering grey hair. It makes your hair strong, voluminous and shiny. Find out why applying henna pack is good for your hair.Henna is one of the most popular beauty herbs in India and tropical countries that is known for its cooling effects. Since ages it has been used

Is your cellphone making you obese?

Jumping up and down, running at breakneck speed, scaling heights, beating up the bad guys, farming virtual tomatoes — all in a day’s work. This may sound like a hectic list of things to do, however, the downside is that it’s all being done virtually, confined to your desk or couch.

5 ways to tell that she likes you

Life is short. So when you`re out on the town meeting new women, no point in wasting time. How can you tell which ladies really welcome seduction? What clues do they give off? Here`s a guide to the things they say and do that mean they like you.She makes eye contact: If you haven`t met

Why Losing Sleep Can Make…

When you lose out on even just one night of sleep you end up binging on food, especially high calorie food, a new study suggests. Not only does a loss of sleep decrease your self-control and decision-making abilities, but it also seems to make you hungrier. These two factors work together

7 Women that men should avoid...

While there are enough reasons and pointers on the kinds of men that women should avoid, here`s a look at the kind of women that men should be wary of.The Big Boss: While she is sweet and well - mannered initially, you soon realises that she`s only about bossing him around. Even if you

How to manage diabetes in 5 steps

Besides following a diabetic diet, there are few important parameters that you should have in place. To help you out and to chalk a diabetes control plan we have Dr. Shalini Jaggi, Senior Consultant at Action Diabetic Centre, Delhi based Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute. She tells us

Vinegar for a lasting manicure

At the rate which nail polish chips off, even a routine coat of colour becomes cumbersome. Here`s a guide to make your mani last long; right from the way you should apply polish to fixing chips.Use vinegarIf you are painting your talons at home, get that bottle of vinegar from the

How to decorate home with mirrors

Gone are those days when a mirror was used merely for the dressing table; it has now become an essential piece of home decor. According to the space and proportion, mirrors can be aesthetically used to reflect your taste and create drama. Says Subbanshu Jaiin, director of Blackberry

For the Stans and First-Timers

Many of us dream about sitting in the first three rows of a New York Fashion Week runway show. There may be a few of us that will attend in the next few years. Regardless of your case, here’s what any New York Fashion Week stan and first-time attendee should know about the semi-annual

Baby Safety Gate

I personally think that baby gates are one of the best inventions of modern times! As a mom with an 11 month old, I thought that I could get away without having one, boy was I wrong. It all started last December when Miss Lily learned to crawl, and our lives changed forever!At first she

Weekly Beauty Tip

DHAKA: This week’s beauty tip is on ‘Tangelo Lipstick’. Take your makeup box and try…Tangelo LipstickWith the final days of summer approaching, it’s time to break out your bright lipsticks while you still can, and we’re loving the vivid tangelo hue we spotted on singer

Gift Ideas for New Dads

While the birth itself is an exciting event, the anticipation and celebration prior to the big day is almost as important. Most buzz is around the expecting mother, including the preparation and hosting of the traditional baby shower. Sometimes, the expecting dad is forgotten in the

Don’t touch these foods post workout

An intense workout always makes you feel great. But your first thought post workout is food! A right diet, being psychologically motivated and a regular physical activity is a must in your quest to lose weight. However, you might be surprised to learn that certain combinations of foods

Discover a More Beautiful You

Sometimes, when we get stuck in a routine, it can feel like we`re losing our charm, or our mojo. Luckily, this is something that can be changed with a couple small steps. Without lots of makeup or losing some weight, learn 9 ways to discover a more beautiful you.  And, whether you’re a

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