Thursday, 19 May, 2022


Why are women more prone to heart disease?

DHAKA: It’s true that more number of women die due to heart disease than breast cancer or cervical cancer. Earlier, cases of heart attacks were exclusive to post-menopausal women but now even younger women seem to suffer from them. Women, in general, have higher death rate than men

Top 4 foods rich in vitamin B5

DHAKA: Vitamin B5, clinically known as pantothenic acid, is a water soluble vitamin which is required for various body functions. This vitamin helps in red blood cell production and the synthesis of sex hormones, in addition to acting as a co-factor for various chemical reactions in

Ebola fear spreads to 4 continents

DHAKA: As the death of the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the US sparks more fears, airports are beefing up screening for people from affected nations, reports CNN.With developments pouring in from all corners of the world, here’s what you need to know to quickly get caught up

Simple ways to deal with anxiety

DHAKA: Let's face it — we all get anxious from time to time. Whether it is at work or at home — situations and circumstances often bring with them anxiety that refuses to subside.  But don't let it overpower your life. Here are some simple ways to deal with anxiety, reports The

Ebola challenge biggest since Aids

DHAKA: The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is unlike anything since the emergence of HIV/Aids.Top US medical official Thomas Frieden has said, reports the BBC.The world needed to work fast so it did not become ‘the next Aids’, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and

Your sleeping brain is listening

A soundly sleeping brain monitors its surroundings. It also can respond to them without waking, a new study finds. For instance, even while snoozing, a person’s brain can sort words correctly into different categories. Student Science published the reports that said this is not the

Energy Drinks May Leave You Sleepless

DHAKA: The side-effects of energy drinks have been questioned by health experts time and again. First, they were considered unhealthy due to the caffeine content. Then, a previous study discovered how excess consumption of energy drinks can lead to serious heart problems by changing your

How yoga improves your heart health

DHAKA: Yoga is the best way to tackle anxiety, stress and psycho neurotic disorders, easily resulting in better health and regulation of stress hormones, health experts said. They said that it has been scientifically proven that yoga is very effective in curing disorders related to

Benefits of a good night's rest

DHAKA: There is no feeling in the world that matches the one that you get once you are well-rested, especially after a good night's sleep.Here are some health benefits of sleeping well, reports The Times of India.Long life: Studies suggest that people, who sleep less than six hours at

First womb-transplant baby born

DHAKA: A woman in Sweden has given birth to a baby boy using a transplanted womb, in a medical first, doctors report. The 36 year-old mother, who was born without a uterus, received a donated womb from a friend in her 60s. The British medical journal The Lancet says the baby was born

Chillies offer more than just a spicy taste

DHAKA: While some people are known to relish eating chillies in their food, others keep away from this spicy vegetable. But apart from giving that spicy zing to your food, chillies are also packed with a host of health benefits, reports The Times of India.- The vitamins (A, B and C)

5 tips to protect your eyes from the sun

DHAKA: Everyone knows how to protect skin in the sun but what about eyes? Longer, lazy summer days entice everyone to spend more time outdoors, but whether you are spending the day at the beach or just relaxing in the garden, eye-care is needed in every possible way, reports

Avoid air pollution to manage asthma

A simple change in your lifestyle to avoid air pollution can help manage asthma problems, shows a study."Air pollution is known to be associated with worsening asthma symptoms, but sometimes changing routines with regard to exposure to air pollution can have a positive effect," said

Pak set to record highest number of polio cases

DHAKA: Health officials in Pakistan on Thursday said the country was set to break its record for the highest number of polio cases in a year, as Islamist militants continue to prevent vaccination efforts.‘The number of polio cases, recorded this year has reached 187 and if it

Girls’ marriage from 16-yr

DHAKA: State minister for Health Dr Zahid Malek on Thursday categorically said the minimum age for girls to marry may start from 16 instead of 18.He also said the government is concerned about the matter but no decision has been made yet to reform the Child Marriage Restraint Act.The

JBFH provides free healthcare services

DHAKA: Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Hospital (JBFH) has provided free healthcare services to people aged above 60 on Wednesday.The initiative was taken on the occasion of International Day of Older Persons, said a press release.The campaign was inaugurated at premises of the hospital at

Cancer gene test 'would save lives'

DHAKA: Younger bowel cancer patients should be offered a genetic test to screen for a rare condition linked to a higher risk of further cancers, say researchers. Genetic screening of tumours would save lives and would be cost-effective for the NHS, a new study has confirmed. Lynch

10 tips to prevent diabetes

DHAKA: Diabetes has already become a huge epidemic of our times, and the number of diabetics will keep on increasing over the next 20 years or probably beyond that. A lot is being said and written about controlling diabetes and living a healthy life with diabetes, but the prevention

Foods to eat for healthy skin

DHAKA: If you want the perfect skin, you don't necessarily have to go out and hunt for expensive products, there are some miracle workers lying in your kitchen cupboard itself. Here are a few, reported by The Times of India.Carrots: Because of its rich Vitamin A content, carrots are

Why teenagers need to eat a healthy breakfast

DHAKA: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper, goes an adage. Now, scientists at Umeå University in Sweden have put their stamp on this, claiming that teenagers who ate poor breakfasts in youth displayed a higher incidence (68%) of metabolic syndrome