Tuesday, 27 Sep, 2022


‘First flu’ affects lifetime risk

DHAKA: A person’s chances of falling ill from a new strain of flu are at least partly determined by the first strain they ever encountered, a study suggests. Research in Science journal looked at the 18 strains of influenza A and the hem agglutinin protein on its surface. They say

Stress ‘changes brains of boys and girls differently’

DHAKA: Very stressful events affect the brains of girls and boys in different ways. A Stanford University study suggests that a part of the brain linked to emotions and empathy, called the insula, was found to be particularly small in girls who had suffered trauma. But in

6 physicians show-caused in Shariatpur

SHARIATPUR: Six physicians of Sadar Hospital in the district were show-caused on Saturday (November 12). Shariatpur acting civil surgeon Dr Nirmal Chandra Das issued the notice as the physicians were absent at the hospital. The physicians were identified as orthopedics surgeon Dr

1,800 Delhi schools shut for 12 times worse pollution

DHAKA: Some 1,800 primary schools in New Delhi have been ordered to shut down Saturday (November 5) as the national capital grapples with some of the worst pollution in recent years. The decision affects around nine lakh children studying at schools run by the municipality in a city

Malaria drugs’ complete failure tracked

DHAKA: Scientists have developed a way to track the spread of a dangerous form of malaria that cannot be treated with the main therapy. Doctors in Cambodia reported the complete failure of artemisinin and piperaquine - the key drugs taken to kill malaria - this year. The discovery

Worried well ‘might boost heart risk’

DHAKA: Being one of the “worried well” might actually increase heart-disease risk, a study has suggested. Norwegian researchers looked at health anxiety levels in 7,000 people who were followed for at least a decade. The BMJ Open paper suggests that, while general anxiety is

Class health services at Bangkok Hospital

DHAKA: Dr. Shakti Ranjan Paul, specialist of Internal Medicine and adviser of Bangkok Hospital identified three reasons -- competent physicians, modern equipment and services -- for which Thailand is in a privileged position in respect of medical treatment. He said that the physicians

Over 1,400 ‘cholera cases’ in Yemen: WHO

DHAKA: The number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen has skyrocketed to 1,410 within three weeks of an outbreak being declared, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Eighteen months of war between Houthi rebels and a Saudi Arabia-led coalition backing the Yemeni government

China 'fake sanitary pads' scam busted

DHAKA: The discovery of a huge “fake sanitary towel” operation in southeast China has prompted fears about the possible impact on women's health. Police in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, said they have arrested two suspects believed to have produced millions of the fakes in dirty

3D-printed bone implant dissolves in body

DHAKA: In a major step towards improving surgeries after head or face injuries, scientists have developed a new type of 3D-printed polymeric bone implants that can survive in the body for long periods and be subsequently replaced with natural bone tissue in the body. “The implant is

Male contraceptive injection ‘shows promise’

DHAKA: A hormone injection has been shown to be a safe and effective method of contraception - for men. US researchers say the jab was almost 96 percent effective in tests on around 270 men who were using it, with four pregnancies among their partners. However, a relatively high

‘Super-parenting’ improves children’s autism

DHAKA: Giving mums and dads the skills to become “super parents” can dramatically improve their child’s autism, a long-term study has shown. In the training, parents watched films of themselves playing with their child while a therapist gave precise tips for helping their child

Teen hackers study considers link to addiction

DHAKA: A study suggests there are parallels between the way youngsters turn into hackers and how youths become addicted to drugs and alcohol. The report was written for the EU’s law enforcement agency Europol. It says that readily available online tools and tutorials make it easy

Baby ‘born twice’ after life-saving tumor surgery

DHAKA: A baby girl from Lewisville, Texas, has been ‘born’ twice after she was taken out of her mother's womb for 20 minutes for life-saving surgery. At 16 weeks pregnant, Margaret Hawkins Boemer discovered her daughter, Lynlee Hope, had a tumor on her spine. The mass, known

27.4% women suffer breast cancer in country

DHAKA: At least 27.4 percent women of our country are suffering from breast cancer, according to the cancer registration report 2014 by National Institute of Cancer Research & Hospital. NICRH associate professor and also epidemiology department chief associate professor Dr Habibullah

Accelerate efforts to end TB

TB remains a serious problem across the WHO South-East Asia Region, and requires the fullest attention and strongest commitment of governments, donors and civil society leaders to be effectively addressed. As outlined in WHO’s new global report on TB, a number of countries in the

Zika virus likely to spread across Asia: WHO

DHAKA: Zika infections are “highly likely” to keep spreading across Asia, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned. Hundreds of cases of the virus have been reported in Singapore while two cases of Zika-linked microcephaly have already been confirmed in Thailand. The

Immunotherapy cancer drug hailed as ‘game changer’

DHAKA: An immunotherapy drug has been described as a potential “game-changer” in promising results presented at the European Cancer Congress. In a study of head and neck cancer, more patients taking nivolumab survived for longer compared with those who were treated with

Breast cancer risk ‘not increased’ by night shifts

DHAKA: Working night shifts has “little or no effect” on a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer, new research suggests. In 2007, a World Health Organization committee said shift work ‘probably’ had a link to breast cancer, based on studies of animals and people. But

Woman's giant hairball cut out of stomach

DHAKA: “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair” is the famous fairytale cry. But real life moved from Grimm to gruesome for one 38-year-old woman in the US who had a giant 15cm hairball in her stomach. She is one of only a handful of documented cases of “Rapunzel syndrome”,