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Who Wins FIFA World Cup 2018?

Saleque Sufi | banglanews24.com
Update: 2018-06-13 11:48:58 PM
Who Wins FIFA World Cup 2018?
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Finally the day has come. 14 June 2018 another world cup soccer final starts in Russia. World will get engrossed to whatever media it can access for witnessing 32 nations of the world vying for the top honor of the soccer world. 

In 20 past world cup only 8 nations have won the title – Brazil ( 5) , Germany ( 4) , Italy (3 ) , Uruguay(2) , Argentina (2) , France ( 1) , England (1) and Spain (1) . 7 of the 8 world cup winning nations are present in world cup 2018. Only Italy is unfortunately missing out failing to qualify. 

Experts, analysts and star footballers of the past are making various analysis and prediction based on past proven history, present form of players and squad and contemporary records. Some times groupings in the preliminary round favor some nation (s). Some groups which have 4 teams of almost equal strength are termed groups of death. Favorites some times fail to hurdle across. World cup is like a long distance run. Team performing consistently well with quality bench strength win the long distance event. 

Taking all these into consideration and doing extensive research on all 32 teams we have done a theoretical exercise which may or may not be agreed by all. Different persons may have different views. Following is our analysis.

Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay 
Group B:
Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Iran
Group C:  France, Australia, Peru and Denmark 
Group D:
Argentina, Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria
Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia 
Group F:
Germany, Mexico, Sweden and South Korea 
Group G:
Belgium, Panama, Tunisia and England 
Group H: 
Poland, Senegal, Columbia and Japan

Looking at the groups it appears that Group B, C and D are groups of death. Anything can in these groups are most of the teams are of near equal strength. This makes favorites Spain, France and Argentina exhaust much of their energy in qualifying as the top in the group. There may be upsets even as favorites dropping off. On the other hand, Germany, Brazil, Belgium Uruguay and Columbia are in relatively easier group.

In our analysis teams featuring in the group of 16 would be 

Group A: Uruguay and Egypt 
Group B: Spain and Portugal
Group C: France and Australia
Group D: Croatia and Argentina
Group E: Brazil and Serbia
Group F: Germany and Mexico
Group G: Belgium and England 
Group H: Columbia and Japan 

The Pre quarter matches will definitely witness some upsets.  

1. Uruguay Vs Portugal     -  Uruguay wins
2. France Vs Argentina    - Argentina wins
3. Spain Vs Egypt             - Spain wins
4. Croatia Vs Australia     - Croatia wins
5. Brazil Vs Mexico          - Brazil Wins
6. Belgium Vs Japan        - Belgium Wins
7. Germany Vs Serbia      - Germany Wins
8. Columbia Vs England    - England Wins
Now Quarter Finals will be tricky 

A . Uruguay Vs Argentina: Argentina Wins
B. Spain Vs Croatia              : Spain wins
C. Brazil Vs Belgium            : Brazil Wins
D. Germany Vs England    : Germany Wins

Semi Finals:  Very interesting two Europeans against two South American teams. All past winners of World Cup. We know world would love to see Brazil Playing Argentina. Possibility of World Cup 2018 is also probable.  Argentina Germany final is a possibility. But this time a very different Brazil will be up against Germany. Brazil may avenge the calamitous 2014 experience. I would fancy Brazil going to the final. 

For Argentina, Spain will be a tough component. They know Messi and the co very well. In warm up they blasted Argentina 6-1.  I will still go for Argentina. What a blockbuster World Cup Final it would be.  In the Final naturally would go for Brazil winning the hexa.

Argentina Vs Spain: Argentina Wins
Brazil Vs Germany: Brazil Wins

Final: Brazil Vs Argentina 
Brazil wins the cup

Predictions are predictions. There would be many upsets and surprises. Hope readers would make their own observations. But I am sure most would like a Brazil Argentina final to settle many scores. It will be hexa for Brazil and Argentina will have its 6th crack for the third win. 

Many heroes will emerge; few super stars would fade away. There would be many sweet and sour experiences. Some will smile, some will cry. That is the way to go. Will Russia present some surprises? How will be an all European Final? Germany playing Spain. Very much possible.  Finally who wins – a billion dollars question. Russians have chosen a cat to predict. 

Bangladesh will have crusade on a Brazil Argentina epic final. Many say new generation Brazil has potential for emerging as their all time best. Many would like to see great Messi signing off with an untouched success. Let us wait with fingers crossed.

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