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Is IPL More Important Than ICC Global Tournament? 

Saleque Sufi |
Update: 2021-09-25 12:54:42
Is IPL More Important Than ICC Global Tournament?  [image collected]

If you ask any person of BCCI or any Indian most would instantaneously respond. Yes, from the interest of Indian cricket, Indian youngsters, budding genius rubbing shoulders with the best of the best have helped growth of quality players in plenty. 

India now is a formidable force in all formats of the game. Not only top cricketers from all countries except Pakistan, celebrated cricketers of the past are involved as mentors; leading cricket coaches are there in coaching assignments. What can be a better stage for fine tuning and developing as a player. From the commercial pint of view, it is a huge business. It is eye pleasing exciting cricket Great for the gamblers and betters. It is a huge event for journalist, media, celebrities. For the top current players of different countries, it was a huge occasion of meaning money, for budding genius a stage for making announcement to the world of their arrival to the competitive world. No other limited over franchise tournament is as spectacular as IPL whether taking place in India or elsewhere While IPL has made visible positive impacts on India, the same cannot be said about other countries. Many top players countries announcing retirements early decided restricted their games to IPL only. Some others play on T20 Cricket only. Since the advents of IPL, the cricket in every country has seen fundamental changes. Even test cricket has been enlivened through much more positive displays. Instead of dull and drab test matches are being played more positive finishing into results sometimes in four days even . These are not happening for IPL alone but for franchise cricket happening in most countries. 

Off course IPL has armed India with huge financial advantage. This multimillion-dollar worth mega show is the cash cow of BCCI making it the richest cricket board of the world. So we find no reasons why BBCI should not give more importance than global events. It goes without saying for India’s desperate endeavor for staging IPL 20219, ICC World Cup scheduled to be held in Australia was deferred till 20222. Australian current cricketers, Australian former players, future players also get benefit are also benefited. Australia and New Zealand risked losing reputation of losing matches weaker oppositions like Bangladesh sending under strength teams and resting their players fresh for appearing in IPL before the ICC World cup. It needs to be seen whether this strategy pays for all teams. Bangladesh however, grabbed this opportunities with both hands winning both series reasonably comfortably.

This writer is not a great fan of IPL knowing fully well that most matches are not fair. Matches are not fixed in many different clandestine manners. But as matters of entertainment spectators all over the cricket world enjoy IPL without bothering who wins or how they win.

But BCCI is perhaps doing a bit too much pushing ICC too much in creating more challenges for global events. Other boards also not much eager for contesting much with BCCI for creating spaces for bi lateral series. In matters of IPL of given preference over ICC events perhaps greater interests of Cricket being served. 

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