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What BCB is Up To?

Saleque Sufi |
Update: 2014-10-01 23:39:00
What BCB is Up To?

If one is asked what are the achievements of Bangladesh Cricket over the last one year or so. The answer would be successfully staging T20 World Cup and Asia Cup. The other successes some person may like to say getting the position of President ICC for a year which is however rotated among the full member countries. The next question may be asked what benefits came to Bangladesh Cricket through this. Someone may try to take credit of getting two new cricket venues at Sylhet and Cox’s bazar. But there were some issues of these two venues. The boundary wall of Sylhet stadium and roof of players’ lounge of Cox’s Bazar stadium collapsed. But none of the collapse could be more pronounced that Bangladesh national teams batting collapses and loss of forms of several key players concurrently. In these situation usually changes are brought in team management, cricket administration and coaching staff. Often people take responsibility upon their shoulder and resign. 

In case of BCB and Bangladesh the only change that has been made so far is announcing two pairs of captains and vice captains for two format of the game. These may give a signal that captain who apparently was struggling with so many key players was the only reason for the abysmal performance of the team. Musfiq himself continued to be stand out performer. But was he alone responsible for the team selection, taking major decisions about game plan, decision after toss? Perhaps not. It appeared that someone or a group of decision makers from behind the screen were dictating Mushy through remote control. If their ploy worked they would have taken all the credit .But failure is always orphan and so is poor Mushfiq.

Now what prompted change in the captaincy of Asian Games Cricket team? Mushfiq had to be excused for his marriage. Usually ICC full member teams send their experimental team of fringe players. Like this time Pakistan and India did not even send their teams and Sri Lanka has sent much weaker side. But success starved Bangladesh sent their strongest possible side desperate to retain their title they won from last Asian Games. Fair enough. Bangladesh selected Mashrafee as the captain. Up to this the decision was admirable as Mashrafee is the most inspiring player and most committed person who could be a very successful captain had his career not been interrupted by injury. But what prompted BCB in announcing two sets of leaders for two formats right now and those two naming two players Shakib and Tamim who did not have good experience as leaders in the past. Shakib just returned after serving another suspension for his attitude problem and Tamim for a while was going through a lean patch. He just looks like getting back into rhyme. We do not think it is a smart decision with series against Zimbabwe knocking at the door and ICC world cup not very far.

Was Mushfiq alone responsible for all that happened in the pathetic team performance over the last several months? No one will question the playing ability of all four Mashrafee, Mushfiq, Shakib and Tamim. They are automatic choices of all the formats. Only Mashrafee may not be risked for longer version yet. But apart from Mashrafee and Mushfiq other two failed to impress us as responsible leaders. Many of their antics created disgrace and brought disrepute for the team on a number of occasions. We are not aware what good impacts this decision would be made to team chemistry and body languages of players.

In cricket vice-captain usually does not have significant role .It is more so in a home series. Bangladesh plays the home series against Zimbabwe next. Why BCB had to announce the two sets of captains for two formats at this stage? All four players excepting Mashrafee are of the same age and will possibly retire at the same time. If BCB was looking for finding a younger one for longer term why not one player whose position is assured in each format was chosen as vice-captain to grow as shadow of the main captain. 

Mushfiq is an indispensable player for all formats and is one of the most enthusiastic members of the team .His manners and attitudes are excellent. It did not at all appear that leadership was at all a burden for him. He apparently made some mistakes after winning the toss and not judging wickets and environment appropriately in making decisions .But it appeared that these were predetermined team decisions masterminded by team management. But other mistakes like bowling changes , field setting are part of the game and can happen with the best of the captain at any time especially when team is not performing well. But what can a captain do if same players make same mistakes time and time again. We think BCB is trying to put more blame on Mushfiq when Team management and selection committee should have been changed. Mushfiq is a key player and will have to play well in World Cup if Bangladesh has to show some success. With him a sure to be there in the team Shakib should not have been made vice-captain of ODI .There was no necessity of announcing vice-captain at this stage. If Mashrafee develop any injury Mushfiq automatically take over. By announcing Shakib and Tamim as vice captains in two formats BCB has given credibility of uneasiness in the dressing room which have been rumored over the last few months.

We hope Bangladesh goes ahead and wins Gold in Asia Cup .If not BCB decision of taking untimely hurried decision of naming a pair of leaders in Test and ODI will come under serious criticism. Today is the acid test as Sri Lanka is always a difficult team to beat in any format for Bangladesh. 

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