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MP Durjoy turns Manikganj into drug haven

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Update: 2020-06-28 17:31:24
MP Durjoy turns Manikganj into drug haven

Lawmaker Naimur Rahman Durjoy has turned three upazilas of Manikganj into a drug haven, destroying the future of hundreds and thousands of youths and their families.   

Although he is a lawmaker of ruling Awami League, he has been patronizing the leaders and activists of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamat-E- Islami for last six years of Awami League regime.

Under the patronization of Durjoy, all three upazilas of the district have been turned into a safe haven for crimes and locals are irritated by the activities of MP, his family members and their associates.
Sources said under Durjoy’s protection, drug syndicates of local BNP activists including former Chatra Dal President Abdul Quddus are active in almost all unions of Doulatpur Upazila.

Most of the BNP activists and leaders are sheltered under the umbrella of Awami League as Durjoy supported the heinous efforts to turn Daulatpur area into safe haven of drugs and gambling.

Led by Assistant Police Supper Tania Sultana, Daulatpur circle police on May 12 arrested the cadres of Durjoy including drug peddler Abdul Kuddus who later became the general secretary of the local unit of Awami League.

After a while, police released the drug peddler Kuddus in the pressure of higher authorities and local lawmaker Durjoy.

“Abdul Quddus is a seasoned gambler and drug peddler. We are forced to release him from police station due to pressure from higher authorities,” said a police official requesting not to be named.

Quddus became reckless after getting released by the recommendation of lawmaker Durjoy and resumed his activities in full suing including drug business. Sumon and Ripon, nephews of Quddus, directly spreads Yabba among youths of the area.
Another Abdul Quddus of Shibaloy Upazila, also a kingpin of the illegal drug trade, is backed by lawmaker Durjoy. Quddus of Shibaloy upazila is also the general secretary of local units of ruling AL.

Quddus’s son--- Shibaloy upazila unit AL vice president Nazmul Hasan Meem --- leads the dealing of drug in different areas of the upazila. Drug trade became a huge part of Ghior upazila with support and patronization of Durjoy.

Locals informed about a drug trade syndicate comprising Durjoy’s uncle Tayebur Rahman Tipu, cousin Mahbubur Rahman Jony, former Upazila Chairman Ali Ahsan Mithu and Juba league district unit’s former Office Secretary Abul Bashar in the district.

District Police data shows that a total of 1,049 cases were filed with police stations from 2019 February to February this year accusing 1,529 persons for drug-related crimes. Some 28,028 pieces of Yabba, 80 litres of alcohol and 2,988 bottles of phensedyl from the criminals were also recovered during the period. 

During a visit to Manikganj, it was found that local activists and leaders of Awami Leagues have thousands of complaints against MP Durjoy. Instead of supporting dedicated AL activists, the former cricketer collaborates with BNP-Jamat goons to run and patronize anti-social activities. 

There are allegations of embezzling ‘huge amount’ of money against Durjoy and wife Farhana Rahman Happy through illegal drug trading, land grabbing and other anti-social activities.

Investigations also revealed that the drug business is controlled by Durjoy’s nephews Mahbubur Rahman Jony and Mahfuzur Rahman Oni. Besides, Juba League’s district unit’s convenor Adbur Razzaq Raja, former office secretary Abul Bashar and former Upazila vice-chairman Ali Ahsan Mithu support these illegal activities. 

Shibaloy Upazila Vice Chairman Miraz Hossain Lalon controls the extortion in the area through dominating trawler ghat, auto-rickshaw and bus stands. Besides, Lalon controls illegal sand business under the blessings of Durjoy’s wife Happy.

Activists of Awami Leagues kept mum about the illegal activities as local influentials are backed by MP Durjoy and his family members.

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authorities filed a case against Lalon for extortion in truck booking counter at Paturia ferry station. However, the case was vanished from the logbook due to ‘unknown’ pressure.

BIWTA Deputy General Manager Zillur Rahman mentioned that Vice Chairman Miraz Hossain Lalon barred the officials to collect toll as per the guidelines of the government.

The transport owners, drivers and workers at Paturia Ghat are facing problems due to the extortion by MP Durjoy’s close associate Miraj Hossain Lalon.

A case was filed on June 6 against four persons including Qayum Sheikh and Lalon Khan with Shibalaya police station on charges of extortion on transports.

Lalon controls all kinds of extortion on PC Pool and Aricha bus stations and regional roads in Shibalaya. But MP Durjoy’s intervention did not take the matter too far. He saves Lalon.

Besides, another drug dealer of MP Durjoy has been openly doing yaba business at the blessing of Awami League Teota Union President Abdul Karim Sheikh. 

Although he was detained several times by the law enforcement agencies, he was repeatedly released due to recommendation of the MP. Allegation found that the whole family including Karim chairman’s son and wife are openly involved in drug trade.

It has been learned that Daulatpur Upazila Juba League convener Humayun Kabir Shaon, his younger brother Shamim, Chhatra League leader Palash Hossain and Nasir are also involved in the drug trade. 

Despite the arrests along with Yaba and the pictures of Yaba traders going viral on social media, they are not being brought under the law due to the blessing of MP Durjoy.

Apart from Ghior, Daulatpur and Shibalaya, the Paturia Ghat is now one of the major drug hotspots. This route is controlled by Jony, Oni, Mithu, Bashar and Reza. 

Besides, yaba is also smuggled from Paturia Ghat to other districts by river route. The drug addicts organize parties at Shibalaya Upazila Awami League general secretary Abdul Kaddus’s village home in Anbayapur every night.

It is controlled by Kuddus’s son Meem. Durjoy's men are controlling the drug business in the three upazilas in Manikganj.

Apart from this, Abdul Karim, the president of Teota Union Awami League in Shibalaya, is in control of a part of the drug business. He regularly gives a part of the profit to the MP. Karim Chairman was arrested by the police along with 600 pieces of yaba. But he got released with the help of MP Durjoy. 

Shibalaya Upazila Chairman has repeatedly requested the police to take action against drug dealers. He also requested the OC of Shibalaya Police Station at a meeting of Upazila Parishad held on June 25 to take action against drug traders. But the police are not arresting them as MP is favouring the drug dealers.

Shafiqur Rahman Shafiq, chairman of Chakmirpur union in Daulatpur and former president of the Upazila Chhatra League, said, “All the identified drug dealers in the area are operating their business under the shelter of MP. The drug traders are getting released after their arrest for some unknown reasons.”

A former leader of Daulatpur Upazila Awami League said “Even after the arrest of drug traders with drugs, the MP released them. So they can continue drug and gambling business without any trouble. The MP regularly took money from them. Once upon a time, the youths of this area were involved in various sports and cultural activities. Now they are addicted to drugs.” 

Rezaur Rahman Khan (Janu), chairman of Shibalaya Upazila Parishad and president of Upazila Awami League, said the list of drug dealers is available to the police. Earlier, police arrested several people for drug trading. But the police were forced to release them for some unknown reasons. Police are not able to arrest them mainly because of the blessings of the MP.”

Meanwhile, Upazila Vice Chairman and Shibalaya Upazila Juba League convener Miraj Hossain Lalon and Chhatra League president Selim Reza control the extortion at Shibalaya bus stand and Padma trawler. Durjoy controls the extortion by these two persons. 

Meanwhile, the men of Durjoy are cutting the soil agricultural lands of different areas of three upazila---Ghior, Shibalaya and Daulatpur--- and selling the soil to brickfields.

No one can sell land without giving money to the MP’s men. Durjoy’s uncle Taibur Rahman Tipu is controlling in this business. The share of this business goes to MP’s wife Farhana Rahman Happy. Besides, it is known that Happy is getting a large part of extortion collected by Lalon Fakir. Happy allegedly amassed huge amount of illegal wealth using the extortion money.

Daulatpur Upazila Juba League activist Jewel said, “I have been involved with the politics of Juba League and Chhatra league for long time. When I was elected as the Upazila Vice Chairman, MP Durjoy’ snatched the votes through his men and helped the Jatiya Party candidate to win.”

“Oni, Jony, Mithu and Bashar are controlling drug business in Shibalya while many others including Kaddus of Daulatpur are running the business at the area. They are providing money to MP Durjoy regularly,” he alleged.

Manikganj Superintendent of Police (SP) Rifat Rahman Shamim said, “Police are working on a zero-tolerance policy on drugs. The drug dens are being demolished at the area. Even, over 1000 drug cases were filed in a year.”

“Huge quantities of drugs have also been recovered. We are not giving any scope to the extortionists. Even, three cases relating to extortions have been also filed in this month,” he said

About the illegal extortion at Paturia Ghat, he said, “We are conducting drives as soon as we come to know about any such incident. We will take action if get any allegation of extortion.”

When asked about the involvement of the ruling party leader and elected representatives in drug trade, the police official said, “Action will be taken if specific allegations found against them.”

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