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You may face murder charge too!

Syed Borhan Kabir, Guest Writer | banglanews24.com
Update: 2021-09-09 11:49:18
You may face murder charge too!

You are a work alcoholic and innocent person. Any fine morning, you may go through the process of metamorphosis from the state of being an innocent man to a killer. After getting up from bed, you may find your name in the murder case. The case seems to be one of the seven wonders to you. Even you do not know the victim. The incident is really irritating. However, you have collected a copy of the case from the court. As you are exhausted, a section of people are busy with branding you as real killer. Many innocent are falling prey to abuse of social media and yellow journalism.

You have turned into a real killer to some enthusiastic people. The case may have a negative impact on your business and profession. The investigation officer will come to your house and say that he knows about your innocence. He will also speak about his obligation to interrogate you following the court’s order. If he does not meet you, social media will claim that IO is managed.

After a marathon investigation, the investigation officer will submit a final report to the court citing your innocence. You will heave a sigh of relief.  Will you be really saved? Some people will start campaign against you by abusing facebook and youtube. You will be subjected to untold mental sufferings. Your image will be tarnished. Will you get justice or any legal redress?
Readers of this article may take it as fiction. But it is based on a real incident. You may be victimised by the fickle-minded people and social media abusers. A newborn case is followed by half-trial and conviction in the social media. In return, facebook and youtube earn huge like and money.

Police recovered body of college girl Mosarat Jahan Munia hanging from ceiling of her rented flat in Gulshan on April 19. Her sister Nusrat Jahan filed murder case on September 5. It is her second case. She was the first to file a case against a person accusing him of inciting suicide of Munia. The accused is a renowned person. He is Sayem Sobhan Anvir, Managing Director of Bashundhara Group, the country’s largest business conglomerate.  A section of overenthusiastic people started trial by themselves. The hostility and antagonism are stream like clear. Had they any judicial power, they would have hanged the accused.

Interestingly, the people pulling strings from the behind are family members of war criminals and Rajakar. They are playing dirty game with death of a girl. Their motive is clear. They are not concerned about Munia issue. Rather, they want to destabilise the country and put the government in an awkward situation. The court rejected the case but Anvir continues to face social media trial. Who will prosecute the troublemakers?

It is not end to the drama. Munia’s sister Nusrat filed rape and murder case on September 6.  Suicide turned into murder. Eight persons including Bashundhara Group Chairman are implicated in the case.  What is Bashundhara chairman’s relation with death of Munia?  To find answer, members of the families of listed war criminals and Rajakars are conducting social media campaign. Unfortunately, five women are accused in the case. What strange!

Every citizen of Bangladesh has right to file a case if s/he is aggrieved with any relevant incident. But the court has to rely on prima facie merit. If a case does not go through this process, the society will plunge into a deep crisis. If police is tasked to investigate such case, none will be immune. Innocent people will be victims to vengeance and blackmailing. You will face social media trial in utter infringement of the Constitution of the country. Article 27 of the country’s highest charter says “All citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law.”

The court orders investigation into the case. But such order put the accused and his family in untold suffering, social stigma and media trial. Is anybody concerned about sufferings of the innocent? Fake cases are tools of fickle-minded people to harass and assassinate character of innocent and renowned accused.
If family members of war criminals and anti-state elements made a demand to treat the incidents of forced disappearance as murders, the government will get into trouble. If cases are filed against owners of top 10 business conglomerates, the country’s economy will be affected.

Finally, the case has paved the way for social media trial of innocent people. Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar is shining example. He has gathered much bitter experience.

(This article has been translated from Bengali to English)

BDST: 1148 HRS, SEP 09, 2021

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