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Addressing Covid-19 immunization challenges

Alaul Alam, Guest Writer |
Update: 2021-01-18 14:28:01
Addressing Covid-19 immunization challenges

It is obvious that the world has been undergoing many challenges since the outbreak of Covid-19. Apart from economic fallout the world has counted millions of death exposing a dire threat on humanity. It has been an unprecedented global shock and to come out of this shock people of all walks across the global have been cherishing an effective vaccine since the outbreak that can free the world from the clutches of the pandemic. 

Think how accelerating the rate of fatalities has been! The most recent data show that the worldwide coronavirus death toll has surpassed 2 million. When nations across the globe are trying to procure multiple vaccines, new strain of coronavirus hits hard many parts of the globe deepening worries and uncertainties how to cope with this unprecedented battle. Many countries are becoming frustrated and raising question; will the coronavirus with different strains continue over the years? 

It is thought that effective vaccination may be the path of overcoming all the challenges. But do you see the path of effective vaccination smooth? Not at all, as immunization challenges may be more frustrating though at present all the focus has been shifted to having reliable vaccine in a squatter time to end up this grief forever. 

 Vaccination against diseases is not a new phenomenon in the world. We know that behind inventing an effective vaccine for curing and preventing a disease it goes a long way of relentless working of the researchers and scientists. Probably, it is the first time the scientists are urged to invent a vaccine working with an extremely ambitious timetable. 

However, it raises hopes that many vaccines are undergoing massive trials and some have been proved effective to end the plight of corona pandemic. By the time more than 40 countries have started vaccination program among the population. Data show that rich and middle-income countries have secured almost all the available vaccine supply to date.

Truly, to implement massive vaccination many countries are enduring challenges. Not only that, there may be public hesitation as many are raising question of the effectiveness of those vaccines and there may be some who may avoid the vaccine thanking the side effects that may slow the  efforts of vaccination . 

Though half a dozen vaccines have been proved effective developed by Chinese, European and U.S researchers, Pfizer and BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine and Moderna’s are topping the others and majority of the countries have shown their interest to collect vaccine from them. 

It is expected that with the onset of vaccination program the world is going to end the most unprecedented and uncertain chapter and open a new chapter of hopes and prosperity. But the question is pertinent to raise; is it possible to ensure vaccination every corner of the world in the targeted time?

 No doubt, it will be the most challenging task for the concerned as the developed countries are getting priority to reach vaccine first as they have pre-purchased their demands of vaccines .

Experts opine that the mission of vaccination will take many years, so it is common to think that coronavirus will still reign many parts of the world. Another thing is that any part of the world is delayed to be vaccinated, ultimately it will go on affecting others spreading virus that may be difficult to monitor. 

On top of that, there may be some vaccines not effective as other vaccines which may fail to bring the desirous results despite bringing effective outcome in the trials as the characteristics of all vaccines will not go the same to vaccinate any population indiscriminately. In this regard, the purchasing countries may face huge economic loss and the nations may get frustrated. 

Another thing is that there may be an ill -distribution of Covid vaccine as it will be tough to ensure the right people get the right vaccine at the right time. If we fail to do so, the low and middle income countries may undergo the reign of Covid clutches for many years.  Also purchasing vaccines may not be cost effective for many countries who are financially vulnerable. 

Things may get tougher with the lack of vaccine deployment and proper management. Maintaining the cold chain is vital to maintain the required temperature in which the vaccine shall remain effective. For many poor and technologically impoverished countries it would be tough task to maintain cold chain. Need huge skilled people who will be associated with this task of carrying vaccines from cities to remote areas for the people to vaccinate. If the preservation is faulty, vaccination among the population will be fruitless. 

Like other countries vaccinating millions of people of Bangladesh may be a daunting task and but proper strategies in regard to the implementation of the vaccination program can overcome the challenges. With considering this, the government has prepared a masterplan and necessary guidelines to do the job properly. Apart from this, by the time the country has undergone experiences that may be supportive to tackle the challenge of vaccination. 

However, to avert the challenges in distribution and implementation of vaccines across the globe strong monitoring network by the World Health Organization has to be ensured. It is imperative to ensure transparency from purchasing to implementation to the target population. 

All countries have to be given the equal opportunity to strengthen their vaccination program. More importantly, the more vulnerable countries may be from developed or developing economic status should be given priority by helping them vaccinate their people. Lastly, let the vaccination across the globe be rapid and massive to end an unprecedented episode of sufferings. 

Writer: Alaul Alam teaches at Prime University 
           Email: [email protected]

BDST: 1428 HRS, JAN 18, 2021

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