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The Spirit Of Ramadan

Muhammad Munir Chowdhury |
Update: 2015-06-28 01:08:00
The Spirit Of Ramadan

Ramadan ul Mubarak, solemnly blessed with humanity & generosity,
    A divine guide for cleansing the society,
   A proper time to cultivate our morality,
The unique month to stimulate our spirituality,
An opportunity to get closer to ALLAH Almighty.

The habit of our fraudulent business & trading,
   Tendency of manipulating & exploiting,
    Are really panicking and frustrating,
  Ramadan is not mere ceremony of fasting.

The Holy month is certainly the divine ordinance,
 So avoid all practices which are illegal & indecent,
We have lost spiritual power owing to unfairness,
Virtues of honesty can make our life spirituality illuminated.

Ensure your earning by ethical ways & means,
Don’t behave like hungry sharks to get illegal gains.
Have love, sympathy & respect for the poors,
Share your iftar with destitute & neighbors,
Have love & cares for the servants & workers.

The root of all evils is our greed & selfishness,
 For which we can’t attain spiritual holiness,
Don’t think yourself superior to other human beings,
Avoid contradiction in your sayings & doings.

Material happiness has imprisoned our life,
For money, status, power, please don’t get blind,
Eternal peace should be thought of our mind,
On the day of judgment, ALLAH will gather the whole mankind.
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Date:24 June,2015

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