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Need arrest of Nusrat to unearth conspiracy

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Update: 2021-09-09 22:51:59
Need arrest of Nusrat to unearth conspiracy

One conspiracy is followed by the other centering death of a college girl. After settlement of a case, new one is being filed. The common people may be deluded that the cases are meant for justice.

It is learnt that cases are being filed not to ensure justice but to create confusion in the society and put the government in an awkward situation. Mosarat Jahan Munia died in a flat in Gulshan on April 19.

Shortly after the death, her sister Nusrat Tania filed a suicide incitement case. Usually, an unnatural death case is filed pending the postmortem report in such incident.

Since her sister filed a case of incitement to suicide, the police accepted the case and investigated it for three months. Postmortem report was also available. Police and medical reports confirmed that Munia committed suicide and there was no other motive behind the suicide.

As police submitted final report to the court, complainant Nusrat Tania filed a naraji petition. On August 18, the Magistrate's court rejected such petition and exonerated the accused from the incitement charge.

The complainant has no legal right to file any fresh case after rejection of her first case. However, she can file an appeal with the apex court challenging the lower court’s decision.

Nusrat did not go that way. Rather, she filed another new case against eight persons including some women for committing rape and murder. The court took cognizance of the case and directed the PBI to investigate.

Several cases are being filed against renowned person in the country over the death. What is its purpose? The events leading to Munia's death are part of a planned conspiracy. Criminologists believe that Nusrat needs to be arrested to unravel the mystery of the conspiracy.

CCTV footage in Munia’s flat should be analysed to know as to who visited the place before her death. It is also important to know the people sent money to the bank accounts of Munia and her sister Nusrat and the volume transacted.


We need to know details of the persons who were in contact with Nusrat Tania. The persons helped Nusrat in filing the cases need to be identified. Scrutiny of the facts will answer many a questions. The persons who are pulling strings behind Nusrat’s false cases should be identified.

Nusrat seems to be desperate about trial of the accused in her case while family members of the war criminals and anti-government elements are supporting her from the USA, UK and Canada. They are launching campaign in the social media.

In recent times, a section of civil society takes various steps to create anarchy in the country. They are trying to amend the Hindu Law annoying members of the religious minority. The situation sparks a question whether the Daily Star and Prothom Alo are supporting Munia in the dirty game.

A joint statement issued by so-called civil society members and published in two dailies affirms the doubt that they are behind the dirty game. In reality, Nusrat is serving the purpose of the listed war criminals, 1/11 masterminds and anti-government elements.

More interestingly, the counsel for Nusrat is also a patron of war criminals. His role is objectionable. Nusrat Tania, anti-liberation forces, war criminals and anti-state groups have teamed up to achieve a common agenda.

It is imperative to arrest Nusrat immediately. Only her arrest can pave the way for unearthing the vicious circle engaged in undeclared war against leading business conglomerates, government, country and its people.

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