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How to maintain social networking harmony

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Update: 2013-10-31 05:53:08
How to maintain social networking harmony

As social networking sites have become a major part of our lives, we tell you how to make the best of them, without abusing the freedom they give you

Don`t go green with envy
The grass is always greener on the other side. So, don`t fall into the trap of assuming that your friend`s life is better than yours simply because of her latest pictures that show her vacationing in Vegas or exploring the pyramids in Egypt. Often these pictures paint an unrealistic image of what is actually true. While it may seem like your friend is enjoying the best of both worlds that may not always be true. So, avoid getting in the social media game of competing and going green with envy every time you see a new event on her wall.

Avoid broadcasting your relationship status. You may be thrilled to be in a loving relationship or torn to bits because of one falling apart. Whatever is the case, it`s best not to broadcast your relationship status. There is no need to invite people to comment on it, after all the one`s who are close to you will be aware of where you stand with your partner why invite everyone to poke their nose in your business.

Don`t embarrass yourself by posting nude, partially clothed or drunken pictures
Once you do that the damage will be done and you won`t be able to undo it as those images will be out in public forum and could hamper your chances of getting a good job and will be a constant embarrassment for you.

Add friends wisely to your friend list
When you add people to your friends list you are giving them access to some of your most private moments. So, make sure you only add those people you would like on your list and not any random contact that you don`t even know.

You have to learn to disconnect
While it`s fun to stay connected, you also have to learn how to unplug from social networking sites occasionally. Try not to be dependent to your phone or computer and to have a life that allows you to step back and unplug from time to time.

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