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Must-have beauty tools

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Update: 2013-10-31 05:49:49
Must-have beauty tools

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned makeup user, there are certain beauty tools that your beauty arsenal is incomplete without. These are accessories that are not just handy, but are also absolutely necessary for basic grooming. Although you could add or remove some from the list, these tried and tested must-haves should feature in every girl`s kit.

Cotton swabs or Q-tips are your lifesavers, your BFFs in any and every emergency. It`s best used to correct mistakes (like when you can`t get the tip of your wing-tipped liner to tilt at just the right angle) and also to clean up after you are done with your makeup. It`s great to scoop out products you don`t want to contaminate by dipping your fingers in as well as to clean up errant nail polish that`s spread on your skin.

Foundation brush
Investing in a good quality foundation brush is something you should seriously think about. Getting your base makeup right is one of the trickiest to pull off. It can make or break your look. So whether you prefer the flat top foundation brush or the stippling brush, make sure it`s the bets of its lot. This is one investment you won`t regret, since it also helps in using the product frugally.

Wild eyebrows that go in every direction look terrible. It is imperative to carry a pair of tweezers around for a little grooming and plucking because you never know when you might need them. Tame awry, rogue brows with a pair of tweezers before you go for that important meeting or the unexpected date.

Blush/bronzer brush
You cannot apply blush or contour with bronzer effectively using only your fingers. Now, you can use a different brush to apply your blush and bronzer. However, buying a contoured brush is an economical option since it works best while applying colour, blending and contouring. A three-in-one brush, it certainly is a multi-tasking makeup tool.

Blending brush
It is better to go sans eye shadow than to go out with a smokey eye look where you can distinctly make out where one colour ends and the other begins. Visible, harsh lines look extremely tacky and garish. It`s okay if are more comfortable using your fingers to apply eye shadow. However, ensure you have a good blending brush to diffuse the lines and give you a clean and natural look.

Nail file
So you chipped your nail or worse broke a nail? We bet you can`t wait to get home and lay your hands on the nail file. Well, carrying one in your handbag makes more sense. Mishaps can happen anytime and anywhere. Also when you don`t file the uneven edges after chipping your nail, it tends to catch onto the fabric of your cloth and might rip out the entire nail. Totally avoidable if you lug a filer around.

Eyelash curler
Curled lashes make you look awake and wide-eyed. Just the pick-me-up you need after a long, hard night of partying or when you are hungover. Also, as you age your eyelashes tend to become straighter, which makes it al the more necessary to curl `em up. Make the metal clamp curler your best friend instead of looking at it as a weapon of torture. Heat with a hair dryer before using for best results.

Beauty sponge
We know we have been championing the cause of makeup brushes especially since makeup sponges tend to soak up much of the expensive product. However, you might want to use one to blend your foundation for a seamless and clean effect. It is especially helpful for when you are heavy handed with your base makeup. Use the sponge to even out the product and get uniform coverage thanks to it`s ability to get into nooks and crannies.

Brow comb
Some people have brows so wild, they are good enough to give the lushest bushes a complex. Here`s where the brow comb comes in handy. It is convenient and works well in brushing and taming your brows in place. It also helps in combing out mascara clumps.

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