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Make your Home Monsoon-friendly

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Update: 2022-07-04 19:28:52
Make your Home Monsoon-friendly

Can there be no better place to enjoy the savories other than the comfort of your home? An even better idea is to invite a few friends and have a snack party. To enjoy nature’s bounty to the fullest, you must take care of your crib! Just keep some tips in mind and take a few thoughtful steps and voila! After all, home is the best place to be, The Statesman reported.

Begin with the roof

If you live in a standalone house with access to the roof, the first thing to do in the rainy season is to check the roof. Check for dust build-ups and dry leaves clogging the water channels. You do not want to wake in the middle of the night to an overflowing roof, do you! Waterlogged roofs can cause serious seepage which would eventually damage the interiors as well. Do remove wild growth of unwanted plants if any. Do sweep the rooftop once, it won’t allow the dry dust to turn into the muck.
Focus on the entry

Just have a look at the entry door of your house. Make sure that you place a shoe rack if you do not have it, already. Develop a habit of removing the shoes before going inside during the rainy season. It’s ‘Monkey see, Monkey do’! If you do it then anyone visiting your home would do it. This would keep the mud and wet dirt from entering your space. Also, ensure that you have additional floor mats placed. Placing a separate towel at the entry would do no harm.

Chuck the closed windows

Let some air in. Keep the windows open but shut the mesh covering. You need the fresh air to enter but not the mosquitoes and other insects. A well-ventilated house would keep the interiors fresh and lively. Free-flowing air through the house would also keep the damp odor at bay.

Bring the green on

It is the best season of the year for the plants to bloom. It’s time to awaken the gardener in you. Get some plants and place them around the house, where there is abundant light and fresh air. Make use of empty glass bottles and fill them with fresh water to place your favorite flora. Plants just flourish during the monsoon so make sure you make the most of this time. There’s no better feeling than being surrounded by plants in your cozy place. Get your green patch!
Make the Living Space livelier!

We all have that particular place in the house, where we spend most of the time. That’s our core living space. Ensure that the living space is the most interesting corner of your house. Add colors and lively shades. The weather outside might get gloomy, but don’t let it overcome you. Change the lighting, get new drapes, or place colorful cushions. Colors have the ability to influence your senses. Keep the vibe of the place positive. Sit down, relax and sip your coffee while listening to the melodious sound of raindrops outside.

Some tips to keep in mind:

–        Make sure your house doesn’t have any open wiring. Cover any loose wires with insulated tapes.

–        Take special care of the wooden surfaces and wooden furniture. Ensure it is not storing any dampness or moisture which can ruin your favorite piece of furniture.

–        Look for any cracks and crevices in walls and pillars. Water can easily seep in and ruin the whole structure of the building.

–        Always keep an umbrella handy near the door. Carry your umbrella, whenever heading out because you never know!

–        Always store snacks and food in air-tight containers during this season

Make the most of this blissful weather and have the best of time. This weather calls for tea parties with folks, neighbors, and friends!

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