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Why are you feeling tired all the time?

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Update: 2013-10-29 06:21:47
Why are you feeling tired all the time?

Feeling tired once in a while is common, but if you frequently find yourself exhausted and weary to the core, it is advisable to figure out why.

How many times have you turned down an invitation to go out because you were simply too tired? More often than not, simple changes in your lifestyle will help you re-energize yourself.

Why are you feeling tired all the time?

Excessive caffeine: Even though caffeine may give you a boost of energy to get through the hours, its effects on your body last for up to 8 hours. So try not to reach for that caffeine fix during the late afternoons and evenings as it may interfere with your sleeping schedule.

Exercising just before sleeping: You may think that exercising just before you sleep is a great idea because you can fall asleep after your workout and get up feeling all refreshed, but doing so will only make your body more active making it difficult for you to fall asleep. Ideally, you should finish your work out three hours before your bedtime so that your system can unwind in time.

Unhealthy diet: If you find yourself continuously gorging on unhealthy snacks, you are inviting a whole lot of health problems, one of them being fatigue. Eating such food messes with your blood sugar making it rise and drop which causes the feeling of exhaustion.

No cheers to this: Alcohol may make you feel drowsy and sleepy but it results in a disturbed sleep. As a result, instead of waking up bright and rested, you’ll wake up exhausted. For ensuring that alcohol doesn’t disrupt your sleeping pattern, stop drinking three hours before you turn in.

Not getting enough exercise: Any form of regular exercise will improve blood flow, simulate your heart and make your brain more alert getting rid of any persistent tiredness you may feel.

Dehydration: Water plays such an important role in our body. Any shortage of water immediately causes blood to thicken making it difficult for the heart to pump it to different cells and organs causing fatigue.

Mental fatigue: It’s important to keep your brain active. Mental fatigue can affect your entire body resulting in a feeling of tiredness overall. Consuming food containing omega 3 fatty acid like walnuts and salmon help keep your brain alert.

Fibre up your meals: Fibre controls how carbohydrates enter your blood stream. It stabilises the flow of carbohydrates into your system which in turn stabilises the amount of energy your body has. On an average the human body needs 25 to 30 grams of fibre daily.

Anaemia: Deficiency of iron is a leading cause of fatigue in women.  Try consuming an iron rich diet to give your body a surge of energy.

Not getting enough sleep: The most obvious reason why you are feeling tired could be because you are just not getting enough sleep. Read our article- Six things to ensure a good night’s sleep to grab that perfect snooze.

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