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10 first-time experiences for newlyweds

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Update: 2013-10-27 04:54:09
10 first-time experiences for newlyweds

Transition to married life is filled with many milestone "firsts," which strengthen the relationship with a spouse.

A list of things that happen for the first time after a marriage:

The first ever fight between a couple is a lot more different and is a lot more charged.

Secondly, getting together with friends after the wedding is a little strange as some of them may feel that their married-by-30-clock is ticking, or become bitter that the newlyweds have "the perfect life."

Another first that a newlywed has is their first major purchase together.

The in-laws` problem is another first for the newlyweds as a husband is used to his family`s flaws: He`s learned how to tune out Mom`s criticisms, Dad`s elitisms, his sister`s jealousy. And he just wants his wife to let their comments roll off their back too.

The first time a couple is asked when they are having a baby also makes the list.

It is also a must-do for many newlyweds to host a dinner party.

Another first is when a husband is approached by the first "flirty girl."

Then comes the part when the couple establish their first tradition together while honoring established rituals that were passed down from both of your families.

The married holiday together is one more first.

And lastly, the time you get scared of losing your loving spouse.

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