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6 Hair styling secrets you didn`t know

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Update: 2013-10-14 04:45:45
6 Hair styling secrets you didn`t know

Short, thick, soft, wavy, curly, poker straight - no matter what the style or type of your hair is, there are some beauty secrets we bet you didn`t know! We reveal a few...

To keep your waves bouncy: Simple, yet effective - sleep on a satin pillowcase, if you want to keep your hair from getting matted, tangled and frizzy! If you have the habit of tossing and turning all night, avoid using cotton pillowcases, as they have a coarser texture, which can rough up your hair.

Create volume for thin hair: With the help of a volumizing spray, mist your roots at the crown of your head, when your hair is dry. Then blow dry your hair in the opposite direction, than it normally falls. Flip your hair over and gently smooth them out with a brush.

For sleek and shiny hair: If you`re craving for straight hair instantly, apply a light-weight leave-in conditioner on your damp hair before drying them. Use a flat brush to go underneath your hair and keep the dryer aimed downward. When the section of hair is almost dry, switch to a round brush so that you have some bend at the ends.

If you are curling your hair: Leave the bottom ends out for a messy feel. Instead of using a styling product, separate the waves with your fingers.

To sport a fake bob: You don`t have to cut your hair if you want to wear a bob cut for one evening. Just make a low, loose ponytail, and tuck the tail under, securing it with hairpins. Let your face-framing pieces hang loose and curl with a smaller-sized curling iron.

For extra-fizz protection: Instead of completely washing your conditioner out, leave a small hint behind. This way, the left-over conditioner will weigh your hair down and guard it from humidity and frizz.

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