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Home remedies to stop premature greying

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Update: 2020-08-31 15:55:23
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You can find several ingredients in your kitchen that can come in handy. Here are some combinations that can help in slowing down greying:

Here are a few tips to prevent early greying of hair

Curry leaves and coconut oil

We all more or less know about the wonderful benefits of coconut oil — it can be an excellent conditioner and can help in re-growth of damaged hair. It provides the essential proteins needed for nourishing damaged hair. Now add to it curry leaves. The result: a highly beneficial concoction. Massage your scalp with coconut oil infused with curry leaves, which is said to be a foolproof way of maintaining dark tresses.

1. Take a handful of curry leaves and boil it in 1 cup of coconut oil for six to eight minutes.
2. Allow it to cool and massage your scalp with this mixture regularly.

Curry Leaves maintain dark tresses
Ribbed gourd and olive oil
Ribbed gourd is widely used to arrest premature greying.

1. Dice the gourd in small pieces and dry them out before soaking them in olive oil for three to four days.
2. Next, boil the mixture till it turns a dark black in colour.
3. Use this to massage your scalp at least twice a week.

Onion and lemon juice hair pack
Incorporate onion into your hair care regimen as it's one of the oldest remedies to prevent premature greying.

1. Mix onion and lemon juice and apply this on your scalp and hair.
2. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo.

Henna and egg hair pack
Apart from being a natural hair colourant, henna can curb premature greying too. A henna and egg hair pack, fortified by curd, can check premature greying while nourishing the hair from its roots.

1. Break open an egg in 2 tablespoon of henna powder.
2. Add 1 tablespoon of plain yoghurt and mix well.
3. Apply this paste to cover the hair strands and roots.
4. Wash off after 30 minutes.

Black seed oil
A common condiment found in Indian kitchens, black seed or kalonji, has been found to be quite effective when it comes to preventing greying of hair before time. Black seed oil can also help in curbing hair fall and hair thinning.

1. Warm up some black seed oil and massage the hair and scalp thoroughly with it.
2. Keep it overnight and wash with shampoo.
3. Do this thrice a week.

Mustard oil
Known for its unique flavor, mustard seed oil not only helps in preparing great food but is also great for hair. Rich in antioxidants, selenium and healthy fats, mustard oil nourishes the hair giving it a natural shine and strength. The oil also helps darken the hair, hence helping to conceal the signs of premature greying of hair.

1. Mildly heat 2-3 tablespoon of organic mustard oil and massage your hair and scalp thoroughly.
2. Cover with a shower cap as it can get very sticky.
3. Wash after leaving it overnight.
4. Including mustard oil in the diet is also a good idea.

Salt and Black Tea
1. Take one tablespoon of iodised table salt and mix it in a cup of strong black tea (after cooling).
2. Massage on to the scalp and hair.
3. Rest your hair for an hour or so and then wash it.


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