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The best way to preserve more mangoes

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Update: 2020-08-19 17:06:38
The best way to preserve more mangoes

Every time you buy seasonal mangoes and alligator’s pears, you can be certain that you are enjoying pieces of fruit plenty of taste, texture and vitamins.

Mangoes are delicate, so the time of preservation of a natural mango is shorter. Anyway, there are many ways to make them last longer…

How to preserve mangoes

Mango can be kept at room temperature if it is not hit.

Tropical fruit do not get on well with the fridge, so it is advisable not to put mangoes in the fridge.

Instead, mango can be frozen. The best form to make it is by dicing the piece of fruit and introducing the dices into a plastic bag. By keeping them in this way, they can be added to salads or smoothies, as an example.

In case you have a lot of pieces of mango and you are planning to preserve to enjoy them for longer, you can prepare mango in syrup. You could enjoy it in that way or you could add it on your favourite sweet recipes.

Have you got ripe mangoes? It is time to prepare mango jam. 


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