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Natural way to stop hair graying!

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Update: 2013-10-09 05:45:48
Natural way to stop hair graying!

The sight of first gray hair can be a nightmare for many. There are several artificial ways to get rid of them, but let’s see how we can stop hair graying the natural way!

Your appearance has a huge impact on your confidence level. Looking young can make you feel younger and more confident. Hair graying can give your confidence a dip and change the way you look at yourself. Here are some natural ways to keep gray hair away.

Indian gooseberry (Amla) is a saviour – It is believed that Indian gooseberry helps in maintaining hair pigmentation and stimulates the hair growth. It is a tasty fruit and can be consumed in different forms. Other alternative is to mix amla powder with oil and apply it to the hair.

Eat balanced diet – Eating a nutritionally balanced diet is very important for a healthy lifestyle and it has a huge impact on your hair. Foods which contain iron and iodine help in preventing premature hair graying. Eating fruits and green leafy vegetables also helps. Bananas, seafood, carrot, eggs, sunflower seeds etc. are rich in iodine and iron.

It’s time for general maintenance – General hair maintenance is very important. If you wash your hair everyday, do not use shampoos with harsh chemicals. Usage of scented oils also should be avoided. In addition, regular grooming treatments can help you relax. Massaging your hair gently with your fingertips stimulates blood flow.

Be stress free – Your emotional health is directly proportional to hair graying. The more stressed you are, the earlier your hair goes gray. If your lifestyle is hectic and you do not have time for yourself, maybe it is time to take a break. Worry, shock and pain can slow down the production of pigmentation. Stress also brings with itself other diseases. Diseases/illness means less rest and less rest means more gray hair.

Move a little, exercise! – Meditation, yoga and pranayama help you relax. Thus, you are miles away from the little hair graying stress monster. Exercising releases endorphins which also reduces stress and supports physical as well as mental well-being.

Let’s talk vitamins – Vitamin B5 and folic acid help in production and management of melanin. When taken together, these acid help in preventing premature hair graying.

Natural colouring is an option – If you want you can always, colour your hair and hide the grays. Heena is a natural colour and mixing amla to it will give it a darker shade instead of red.

Keep your life balanced and stay happy to keep those grays at bay because, there might be fifty shades of gray, but none look good on your head before time!

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