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Top Habits Bad for the Eyes

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Update: 2013-10-08 11:17:13
Top Habits Bad for the Eyes

Your eye specialist in Arizona can tell you that there are habits that you find relaxing but are harmful to your eyes. A few of them are written below.

Reading or writing at nighttime
You often read books or write in your diary while on bed. For you, it is your best technique to relaxation. You are not aware, however, that this is not good for your eyes because the book or the journal is not properly illuminated. Your eyes then become exhausted and pressured.

Smoking damages your eyes’ tissues. It has been connected to almost 25% of cases of age-related macular degeneration. Hence, the more you smoke, the more you are prone to developing this eye disease. Not only this. Individuals who live with you have two times the risk.

Reading while on the road
You always have a book or magazine inside your bag to give you company while in a moving car or bus. You read it to prevent boredom but you do not realize that this activity actually extends your eyes and makes it difficult for them to focus. It may also lead to motion sickness. You may encounter headache, weakness, dizziness and vomiting.

Staring directly at the sun
You are often tempted to look directly at the sun for reasons only you can know. But what’s clear is that you are hurting your eyes. UV rays from the sun prick our eyes. Too much direct exposure may lead to macular degeneration and cataracts. To protect your eyes, stop staring directly at the sun and wear sunglasses that have the ability to block UV rays. For maximum protection, select the one with the wraparound style.

Rubbing eyes when itchy
Do not rub your eyes even if it feels itchy because you will only intensify your situation. If you rub your eyes, you will only irritate it more. In case you are suffering from allergies, rubbing may put the allergens from your lashes to the surface of your eyes. Hence, you should totally forget about rubbing your eyes.

The next time your eyes get irritated, place a cold pack in your eyes. Never go for warm compress because this will only cause the increased discharge of histamine, a chemical that triggers itching.

Swimming without using goggles or with open eyes

Never think about swimming with your eyes open or without putting on goggles. Chemicals found in the pool badly affect your eyes. You may go through irritation or worse, fuzzy vision and blindness. Water pressure is damaging for your eyes as well.

Using low-cost makeups
This one is particularly for the women. When using cheap makeups, you think you save on cost. But the truth is that you are not because you may spend more money for the damage it can do to your sight.

Some habits offer us comfort and ease – but they also cause problems for our vision. Therefore, if you want to continuously care for your eyes, avoid doing them. If you are guilty of these practices, consult with your eye specialist in Arizona.

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