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Raising an Organic Baby

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Update: 2013-09-30 05:42:20
Raising an Organic Baby

Just because it sounds a little funny to say that you want a “green baby,” it’s a completely valid effort. Many are making the shift to try to have an organic baby, which really just means using sustainable and organic baby products as opposed to ones with toxins.

By raising your baby with organic baby products, including organic baby formula, clothes and mattresses, you’re looking out for its future in two ways. One, you’re protecting its body from toxins, which is important as the first three years of a baby’s life is crucial to its future development. Two, you’re looking out for the planet that your child will inhabit as an adult. Many shy away from going organic because they fear it will be too pricey. But, knowing where to look it will cost similarly, if not the same.
Organic Baby Products

Organic Mattresses - Getting an organic baby mattress is a great way to get both you and your little one sleeping a little more peacefully. An organic baby mattress means having no latex, no foam and they’re not treated with any chemicals. A processed mattress releases toxins into the air at a crucial time for your baby: while they’re sleeping. It’s one of the most important steps for those looking to have an organic baby.
Organic Sheets and Blankets - When it comes to raising a baby, especially with organic baby products, there’s little reason not to pick up some organic baby sheets and blankets. Many times, they come at the same price as regular sheets and blankets. And, due to their natural make, they can be even softer.

Organic clothing - While mattresses and sheets come in during the nighttime, it’s just as important to keep your child healthy during the day. You can do this with organic baby clothing. Bamboo clothing will keep your baby warmer in the winter and cooler and the summer, and it’s not hard to find organic cotton baby clothing.
Organic toys - Even toys made of non-organic material can be damaging. It’s important to keep harmful toxins away from baby`s mouths when they are teething. There are places that specifically sell organic baby clothes for very reasonable prices.

Not only will these tips allow you to have a "green baby," but these are even some ideas for organic baby gifts. Have a birthday party coming up? Use these ideas for a present!

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