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Facebook & Divorce

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Update: 2013-09-30 05:40:15
Facebook & Divorce

Facebook, a social media site aimed at connecting individuals, is now tearing people apart. In the past year more than one third of all divorce filings contained the word Facebook. Facebook is featured so often in divorce filings because as experts explain, Facebook makes it easier for men and women to cheat. Problems in a relationship can often blossom from Internet activity, which explains why Facebook has become such a driving factor and reason for divorce.

Social media sites like Facebook make it easier for people from our past to reconnect with us, and through the haze that social media sites cast on reality, we might be inclined to become nostalgic and aim to reestablish past relationships. Problems in a relationship often push individuals to seek people from their pasts as a form of comfort and those reconnections often lead to infidelity and ultimately can be cited as a reason for divorce. Ten years ago, Facebook didn’t exist. Seeking individuals from the past took a lot more legwork and love affairs resulting from rekindled romances just weren’t as common. Now, finding a past flame is as easy as typing a name into the Facebook search and sending that individual a message.  Social media sites are making infidelity easier and that is ultimately affecting divorce rates.

Facebook Search and Relationships

80% of divorce lawyers explain that they have seen an increase of divorce filings that cite social media as a reason for divorce. The trend shows that Facebook and relationships can be a toxic combination. While many established couples deal just fine with the pressures of social media, couples facing relationship issues can seek comfort from old friends on Facebook which is leading more and more to infidelity. Divorce lawyers explain that they often advise their clients to stop all use of social media sites particularly Facebook because everything written on the internet in form of tweets, status updates and even text messages can be found and used as evidence in divorce court proceedings.

Statistics on Divorce and Facebook

Facebook can be blamed for so many divorces because Facebook allows for love affairs and infidelity to happen with lightning speed. Before if a married individual wanted to have an extramarital affair the correspondence and locating of a willing individual could take months, now it’s instant. If someone wants to cheat, all they have to do is type into the Facebook search and pick a willing participant from one of their likely hundreds of friends. Basically, Facebook makes cheating tempting to individuals who previously wouldn’t have dreamed of risking their marriage for a love affair.
Facebook in a Relationship

You can trust your partner even with the newest divorce statistics centered on Facebook. If you have an open and honest relationship then keep your Facebook activity open and honest as well. Make your Facebook relationship status reflect the truth and keep your partner involved with your social media use. If you want to start a Facebook love affair, then you might not be in the right relationship to begin with. Until relationships on Facebook become public news, your relationship status could fall victim to recent startling Facebook divorce statistics.

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