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Homemade Facial Recipe

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Update: 2013-09-29 06:08:08
Homemade Facial Recipe

Trips to the salon or spa are pricey. In a time when many need to conserve their money and resources, finding ways to get the desired beauty results without the corresponding price tag is often a high priority. Coming across just the right homemade facial recipe is the perfect solution for those who need to cut the cost of the spa but don`t want to give up the feeling that goes with it.
Natural Ingredient Facial Masks

Finding a homemade facial recipe does not take much searching. There are dozens of these recipes floating around, and each of them are effective in their own way. The bigger dillema is often finding the right one for you. Just like the expensive treatments available at the local salon, there are some meant to treat oily skin, others for treating dry skin, and still others for combination skin. For this reason, those wanting to use a homemade facial recipe need to not only find recipes that they can easily put together at home, but also research the ingredients to find the right formula.
Oatmeal Masks

Oatmeal has a drying effect, so it stands to reason that making an oatmeal face mask will be a great thing for people with skin that tends to be oily. Given the grainy texture, it also has an exfoliating element to it.
Avocado Masks

A homemade facial treatment using avocado, on the other hand, should be considered by those that struggle with dry skin. Many differing recipes involving avocado are available, primarily because it is such as a nutrient dense food which means that it’s good not only to eat, but also good for your skin.
Sugar Masks

Grainy sorts of ingredients like sugar or ground rice can also be added in with any recipe to exfoliate and leave the skin feeling renewed.
Cucumber and Coconut

Cucumber face masks and coconut face masks are often popular favorites. These usually make their way into magazines targeted for teens at least once per year. Sometimes these can be combined with a cream paste made of avocado, or even paired with a mayonnaise facial recipe to be able to spread them easier. To treat really dry skin, such as the type that often occurs in the winter, do not be afraid to substitute olive oil in place of a creamy base in order to really get a deep moisture treatment.

Despite the variety of options available for natural homemade facial recipes, there are many that will still say that it lacks the relaxation effect that the spa offers. There’s an answer to that as well: have facial parties! Chances are that you are not alone in seeking ways to save money without giving up your luxury extras, so ask friends or family members to see if you can organize a regular floating facial party. Take turns hosting and try out different recipes. It can still be relaxing and fun when friends are involved.

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