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Clean Your Home

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Update: 2013-09-29 05:58:54
Clean Your Home

A clean home is comfortable and inviting. Cleanliness and organization make for a relaxing haven and are things to look forward to at the end of the day. Having a neat and orderly home also contributes to a feeling of well-being and an optimistic outlook. Despite all of these benefits of a keeping an orderly home, many feel it is out of reach for them. How to clean your home like a pro seems like a great mystery that many of us have trouble solving.

How to Ace the Five Toughest Cleaning Jobs

People who clean homes professionally can leave quite an impressive sight when they finish their work. Make note, however, that most professional cleaners and companies providing cleaning services use harsh, toxic chemicals; some are far worse than anything that people would ever dare to bring into their homes. Some companies are now marketing themselves as being "green" cleaners. They pledge to use only environmentally friendly cleaning products. Most of them manage to come up with impressive results without harming the environment or bringing toxic chemicals into family homes.

Hiring a cleaning service is not the only way to get a pro clean home, however. One of the first keys to a clean home, without paying someone else to do it, is organization. A home can be clean enough to eat off of the floors, but if it is cluttered no one will know it. Clutter can immediately turn a clean home into an embarrassment and a gives a bad impression. A few organizational tools here and there can do wonders. There are entire magazines, websites and blogs dedicated to helping people to organize their space. The next thing to realize is that getting into a cleaning routine makes it fast, easy and manageable. Also worth noting is that many of these same websites and resources offer tips on how to do everything in an environmentally friendly manner.
Ring Around the Toilet

There are many examples of tough jobs that can be accomplished without the help of a cleaning service, and with green cleaners. Ring around the toilet is a common complaint. Some may use bleach, or even something harsher, let it sit, then scrub and flush. Just think of those chemicals getting flushed into the ground water supply. Wearing away at the stain with vinegar and baking soda daily until it’s gone will get rid of the ring just as well as the harsh chemicals. Once the ring is gone, the toilet can be kept clean with a few swishes of a toilet brush every evening, and no chemicals at all. A second example of a job that can be taken care of with vinegar and baking soda is mineral stains on ceramic fixtures. Stainless steel appliances often need little more than vinegar to disinfect, if needed, then a soft cloth to wipe down and dry afterwards.
Melted Wax

Melted wax on furniture or carpet is something that strikes many people as a real nightmare and a challenge. Not so. Use a hair dryer on high heat to melt the wax again, then a scrap piece of cloth to lift it off of the furniture or carpet. Lastly, fabric sofa stains often pose the biggest challenge to people. Use a laundry spot treatment to pre-treat the area.  Invest in a spot cleaning machine because these can really save a family a bundle in upholstery cleaning. Use your favorite environmentally friendly product in the spot cleaner and generally the stain can be a thing of the past. It is important to know that the sooner you get to the stain the better. It will be harder to clean if it has been left to set in for a while, but it is often still possible to clean it. These are just five examples of how to clean your home like a pro and without toxic chemicals.

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